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    R&P: What do you think of the band ”Lamb of God”? (3 posts)

  • Avatar Image HelmfriedVivienne4 years, 5 months said ago:

    From the question I asked yesterday:;_ylt=AubDItLrK8wG9E2YKmowv63ty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100216114914AAe6kW8

    Lamb of God is an American heavy metal band from Richmond, Virginia, formed in 1994. Lamb of God consists of vocalist Randy Blythe, guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler, bassist John Campbell, and drummer Chris Adler and is a member of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal. Since its formation, Lamb of God has released six studio albums, one live album, and three DVDs.

    Lamb of God, originally called “Burn the Priest”, formed in 1990 and released its self-titled first demo in 1995. After the demo, Burn the Priest recorded two split albums with Agents of Satan and ZED respectively. In 1997, the band released its first full-length self-titled album, “Burn the Priest”, through Legion Records. After being banned from playing in certain places, Burn the Priest changed their name to Lamb of God.

    The band released its second album, New American Gospel, in September 2000. Lamb of God toured for two years before releasing its third studio album, As the Palaces Burn, on May 6, 2003, the album was voted the number one album of 2003 by both Revolver Magazine and Metal Hammer. The band toured on the first Headbangers Ball tour, where they recorded a DVD including live performances and a documentary, titled “Terror and Hubris”. The DVD was a success, debuting at number 31 on the Billboard Top Music Videos chart.

    Lamb of God released Ashes of the Wake in August 2004, which debuted at number 27 on the Billboard 200, and sold over 35,000 copies in its first week. The title track of the album featured Testament and ex–Megadeth guitarists Alex Skolnick and Chris Poland, respectively. In August 2006 Lamb of God released its fifth studio album, Sacrament. The album debuted at number eight on the Billboard 200 and sold nearly 65,000 copies in its first week of sales, nearly doubling the first week sales of Ashes of the Wake. The album received generally positive reviews, with Cosmo Lee of Stylus Magazine stating, “Sacrament has the band’s most memorable songs to date. Musically, there’s no fat. The band plays with laser precision and songs move smoothly through riffs and transitions.” Ed Thompson of IGN referred to Sacrament “one of the best metal albums of 2006″, and Jon Pareles of Blender called it a “speed rush all the way through”. In December 2007, the band re-released the album as Sacrament: Deluxe Producer Edition. The release contained all of the original songs from Sacrament on the first disc, and the second disc was a CD-ROM featuring all of the vocal, bass, guitar, and drum tracks in 192kbit/s MP3 format, enabling the buyer to produce their own interpretation of the songs.

    On May 3, Lamb of God announced via MySpace their new DVD, Walk with Me in Hell, would be released on July 1, 2008. The DVD is a double-disc and has nearly five hours of footage, containing the feature documentary Walk with Me in Hell and multiple live performance extras from the Sacrament World Tour. At the end of the Walk with Me in Hell documentary the members stated that they are excited more than ever to write new material. Their latest album is named Wrath [33] and was released on February 23, 2009 internationally via Roadrunner Records and on February 24, 2009 in America via Epic Records. The album is dedicated to Mikey Bronsnan, who helped them get started in Philadelphia, PA. In November 2008, Bronsnan was killed by a drunk driver. According to drummer Chris Adler, “Without Mikey, we’d very well might not be a band today.” Drummer Chris Adler was quoted saying “This album is going to surprise a lot of people. Typically bands that get to where we are in our career begin to slack off, smell the roses and regurgitate. We chose a different path. No one wants to hear another band member hyping a new record. ‘Wrath’ needs no hype. We have topped ourselves and on February 24 you will feel it.” With that said, “Wrath” debuted on the Billboard 200 at number two, selling over 68,000 copies in its first week.

  • Avatar Image cliaalMe4 years, 5 months said ago:

    I like some of their songs, but they aren’t anything special.

  • Avatar Image Ottavia-Sabrina4 years, 5 months said ago:

    Yeah debuted at No 2; but wasn’t mentioned at grammy’s; haha!

    They’re one of my favorites, not the greatest, but one of my favorites non the less.