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    Does anyone like the heavy metal band ”Tygers Of Pan Tang”? (3 posts)

  • Avatar Image emerald4 years, 5 months said ago:

    I had their first album a long time ago, and it was great. One of the best metal albums I ever heard. But I don’t know what happened to them, and it is very hard to find anything about them on the internet.

  • Avatar Image emerald4 years, 5 months said ago:

    Yes, they are in my top 10 bands of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.
    Great underrated metal band!

    ‘Wild Cat’ (1981) is my favorite album; “Don’t Touch Me There” my favorite song.

  • Avatar Image 6maUmayh4 years, 5 months said ago:

    I have a few of their albums and so far as I know they are still together but don’t have much in the way of American releases. If you want to get anything recent from them you’ll have to go through someone like who generally is good with carrying foreign releases.

    They put out an album in 2008 called Animal Instinct.