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    Return of a ”REAL” metal fest??…? (3 posts)

  • Avatar Image Rylee4 years, 5 months said ago:

    With music being on a down slope due to lack of quality or downloading of MP3’s (whatever you want to blame it on, that is not the debate here!). Is it not time that we see a true all day festival reincarnated…or do we continue to shell out money for a mere 4 hour (tops) concert?
    I’m “dating” myself, but to me in regards to “metal” the best show that I have EVER seen was “Tattoo the Earth” in 2000. It started right when doors opened at 11am, had two different stages where bands switched on and off daily, and had an actual “festival/concert” feeling (bands along side the best tattoo artists and body piercers in the world). Eventually we are going to feel the effects of gas prices on ticket prices very soon! The UK has already figured it out with MASS festivals throughout the year…is it not time that the US caught on?

  • Avatar Image Yakov4 years, 5 months said ago:

    While a “REAL” metal fest would be a great idea, unfortunately America is currently in a downward trend in the realm of heavy music. The reason we had so many massive hard-rock and metal tours prior to 9/11 was because heavy music was riding the trend caused by Rick Rubin’s rap metal and the rise of other mainstream innovators like Slipknot. Right now though, with the exception of the cookie cutter/Cookie Monster Victory Record screamo crap, we don’t have any innovators for which to have on another metal fest. Everybody who is metal today is either doing everything that has already been done for the last 20 years or falling victim of this unsuccessful unintelligable screaming trend. Heck, Warcon records just released the Japanese band Dir En Grey’s “Withering to Death” CD in America because they realize if kids are going to listen to the garbled Cookie Monster screaming of Atreyu, what’s to say these same kids wouldn’t enjoy a kickass band screaming in another language.

    Don’t get me wrong, we have the potetial to get metal back in the limelight and that hip-hop crap off MTV, but we need something accessible to the public to gain more followers and make metal cool again. That’s EXACTLY what country music did by going rocker pop. Big and Rich did for country what Limp Bizkit did for rap and metal. Guitarists are finally relearning the art of the solo, now we just need good vocalists, a sellable schtick , and an accessibility factor to the other demographics (women, older people) who would help promote this wave further. Selling out, maybe. But even FDR realized that you need to prime the pump to get money and interest flowing in the right direction again. Bottomline, we need to make metal sexy again.

    Trust me, I too remember the Family Values and the Locobazooka tours, but with the recent crop of music and inability of record labels to give any time, effort, or money to the dire situation, we really don’t have a product to ligitamately put out for touring purposes.

    I hope that helped answer your question.

  • Avatar Image Pablo44 years, 5 months said ago: