Guide to Help You Decide on the Best Colours for Your Web Design

Colours plays a prominent purpose in designing for the internet. not only from deciding how perfect a web site appears, but it can likewise determine how the web surfing reacts. Getting palettes decisions right can influence to more revenues and praise whereas picking the wrong set might have the reverse effect.

Perfect choice of colours comes down to knowledge of colours psychological properties. particular colours stirs up feelings of happiness and joy, whereas others can promote anger & depression.

Colour can to used to attract users & grab attention. this can be utilised to emphasise a message or to lead a user to another part of the site.

This is a summary of what emotional impact that colours can have on people.

Blue can mean depth, professionalism, trust & honour. Dark blue is used by numerous corporate companies but this colour can also signify as cold.

The colour black is about power, sophistication, evil & mourning. heavy metal bands regularly use backgrounds that are black due to its association with the dark side and anger.

Yellow can symbolise riches, joy optimism and energy. Using yellow in designing for the world wide web is a great way to highlight certain components from the rest of the website.

The colour black can be related to death, mourning, power and style. numerous heavy rock bands use black as their predominant colour due to its associations with death and evil.

Yellow conjures up visions of summer, joy and optimism. its a colour that can be overwhelming and if used alongside with black, it creates a feeling of warning.

Like yellow, red is linked with love, sex and energy. it can also be overpowering if overused, but its fantastic to attract attention.

Like green, brown is linked to mother earth, calm and relaxation. there is a trend to use wood textures as a background to give the feel of organics and the environment.

Pale grey is commonly used to create shiny gradient effects in web design. The colour is linked to sophistication, stability and boredom.

In designing for the web, purple is an underused colour, probably because it can be seen as a feminine colour. it’s also linked to royalty, romance and wisdom.

Grey can be a strange colour because it’s not strong. it is used to create fashionable, classy and calm web sites. it’s used a lot on technology web sites.

The role of colour isn’t just to make the site look nice, it can encourage feelings & emotions from the end user. choosing colours that anger the site user can have dangerous effects on your website, whilst cleverly picking might mean that the website meets the user’s expectations.

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