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Chinese Democracy

The wait is over. The new album from Guns N’ Roses, Chinese Democracy, has arrived. The album, which features 14 brand new songs from Axl and company, has garnered rave reviews and is easily the most anticipated release of the year.
Track listing:
1. Chinese Democracy
2. Shackler’s Revenge
3. Better
4. Street Of Dreams
5. If The World
6. There Was A Time
7. Catcher In The Rye
8. Scrapped
9. Riad N’ The Bedouins
10. Sorry
11. I.R.S.
12. Madagascar
13. This I Love
14. Prostitute


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  1. Chiquita says:

    You can argue that Chinese Democracy is not as good as Appetite For Destruction . But if it is to contemporary mainstream hard rock, it blows the competition. Perhaps it was not a bad idea to wait until 2008 to publish. At this point there is not even that much of the contest: hair metal is long gone, grunge has either gone under or degenerate about the “point of no return. When was the last time you heard a mainstream rock band, play the guitar well enough to write a solo that sounded really nice?
      The best thing about the music, as powerful as it sounds – not really “serious”, but completely invigorating. AXL-kitchen-sink approach actually benefits from the very loud mixed style of the 2000s. Every song, even among the less interesting, at least one part that sounds satisfactory. Rose's voice is in excellent shape. In the best moments, you can not even find the words, but it is a race to the dude that he had lung capacity. And even if the axl singing style is not big on nuance and subtlety, he has a lot of different things in this style – Inhuman falsettos throughout the album ( “If the World” and “IRS”, for example), low growling on “Shackler's Revenge”, a raucous, swaggering drawl on the title track, and sometimes all of the above ( “better”). Many of the memorable moments from axl of the votes.
      As you might expect from an album that 17 years for the recording, the music contains many details. Many songs start in an unconventional manner, such as “If the world”, which begins with a soft Spanish guitar, then plunges them into grandiose strings, and then drowned the great with a guitar solo mid-term. There are many guitar solos, and they all sound good, albeit not quite what you'd expect from Guns N 'Roses. The solo in “If the world” has a melodic tone that sounds like David Gilmour < / a> as Slash. “I'm sorry,” recalls Pink Floyd with a combination of watery keyboards and acoustic guitar, while Rose's vocal channels Layne Staley , of all people – seriously, only his tone in the verses. Come to think, the slow grind of the guitars in the chorus is like a melodic Alice In Chains.
      I think Chinese Democracy is like a classic rock album with the contemporary production. Not a “progressive” album (there are no epics ten minutes, like on Use Your Illusion ), but a good old song-oriented album, perhaps similar to the Manic Street Preachers (inspired by Rose himself) were in the nineties. There are a lot of bombast, as the choir at the beginning and end of “There was a time” in the speech sample in “Madagascar” and the general Wall of Sound production style. But honestly, that kind of refreshing at the moment. In the nineties, Guns N 'Roses was exaggerated and ridiculous in comparison to grunge, which seems more “authentic” somehow. But from today's perspective, Alternative Rock is just as inauthentic, full of irony and anxiety affected. It is a welcome change to hear an open theater style.
      The lyrics are nothing special. Rose Lange seclusion no more eloquent. At the same time, what he's singing about, he is quite serious – grandiose, self-absorbed, drama, perhaps a little silly, but with some honest conviction. All songs brood vague about betrayal and defiance. The title of “Prostitute” makes it sounds like a typical hedonistic rock song, but even that word is used metaphorically, as I suspect, goes to show that axl was always interesting and challenging than his hair-metal counterparts. It is all rather indistinct, and I'm not really into the analysis of the song meanings, but the overall tone, the attention.
      What else? “Better” is a lovely single room, with a hard guitar riffs and screaming a vicious circle hooks in the chorus, as well as a very strange falsetto chant in the intro. As with the slower songs, I'm not big on the “Street of Dreams', but 'That I Love” is a good sad ballad where axl even some convincing despair. A few songs would probably have to cut – “It was a time” and “Catcher in the Rye” no standout moments, aside from the solos. And a couple of times I found myself with the wish that he Odder some of his ideas about how the guitar at the beginning of “If this world” or the samples, open the title track. But, as I said, this is a classical album at heart.
      If you are waiting for another Appetite For Destruction, it is not, and by the way, stop waiting – that was an album of hungry young men, and even if the original lineup are back together, they would never be able to write something like it now. This album will not be any new development, and there can be too late for all of them. But it is a very good hard rock record. It sounds from the period in 2008, but in a way, this is one of his strengths.

  2. Jengo says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Best GNR Album Yet!
    Love every track, classic GNR blues rock-out. Much less swearing, much more meaningful songs.
    Don’t know what to say about the previous band members.

  3. Lahoma says:

    As Guns N 'Roses fan since I was 11 years old, would you think I have really high expectations for a band I have known and loved, the most in my life, especially with the long-awaited album, such as Chinese Democracy. This applies to a certain extent, but read on and find out the rest of my review.
      First of all, this is not Use Your Illusion I Use Your Illusion II and definitely not Appetite for Destruction . This is Chinese Democracy, an album that deserves on its own. I recently read posts in the various discussions in various forums here on Amazon compared the two (or three). The manufacture of Chinese Democracy comes from the year 1994. Since then, countless number of changes that plauged the group. A notable project was the addition of shred guitarist, Buckethead, which helped to compose the majority of the songs from here. But rather than walk through the history, I will just leave it at that for today.
      Once you get to the fact that they are not vintage lineup of good old GNR and how it has taken 13 + years to release the album you begin to understand the direction, Axl Rose has his band, Guns N Roses.
      The opening track, Chinese Democracy is one of my favorites. It is also one of the hardest. From the opening screech Fade In Fade the axl of wind, this song has many attributes to a large hard rock / heavy metal song in general. Excellent rhythm section of each guitarist. Great song. 5 / 5
      Shackler's Revenge, the next track, is actually the first title of the officially released. It is also my least favorite. As many may know, this song was first released the Rock Band 2 video game. The opening riff sounds like the opening riff to Mudvayne's “Dig,” you can see that this reef as it sounds almost identical. This is also the industry as sounding track from the album, with lots of sampling is similar to the last track released Oh My God. Solo is disappointing. This song is ok. 3 / 5
      better, the next track is the first unofficial version of the band. This is my favorite track too. This song has a lot of radio airplay, so I will not have much time for them. Awarded by the solo guitarist Buckethead and Finck. Regardless, a catchy melody, I remain in my head to sing and from time to time, since last year. 5 / 5
      Street of Dreams. If all of you on the demos that leaked years before, and / or at one of their shows during the making of the album, perhaps recall that the track titled “The Blues”. Nice hours here. Definitely worth a single, in the near future. Great track, and something that sounds like it might be easy on the illusion albums. 5 / 5
      If the world. This is a great track. A short clip of this song is at the end credits of the Crowe / DiCaprio movie “Body of Lies.” It's got it all, guitars, bass, drums, samples, keyboard / piano, strings … I do enjoy the acoustic guitar and 12 work. Good songs. 4 / 5
      There was a time: Axls vocal tunes are in any case can be obtained here. Another track with orchestral arrangements in the background. I love the guitar solos here, courtesy of Buckethead, Finck, Bumblefoot and axl. Yes, I said axl. He plays guitar here. This is the track of the time for my favorite band along with better. 5 / 5
      Catcher in the Rye. This song is ok. Can take some time before to me. Solo a little disappointing. At least there are more tracks on this release. One of two tracks that are incompatible with Buckethead on guitar. 3 / 5
      scraped. Axls Opening “Ahh's” on this song sounds like something you would on an R & B record. Something amusing to me. Lyrically, it seems to me a piece about the fans and labels on the origin of the album. Just my interpretation. As for the music, nothing really phenominal, as in the previous songs. 3 / 5
      riad n 'the Bedouins. For those of you unfamilar with the words, a Riad is a house with a garden and Moroccan Arab Bedouin are a nomadic tribe. Currently I have a couple of demo / live versions of this song. This version released, the hands down. 4 / 5
      Sorry. A Doom Metal Songs as fronted by axl's clean vocals. Ex-Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach was that to say, and I agree. He even guest vocals for the track, but you must listen closely for his contributions. Great song. 4 / 5
      I.R.S. This song is about a girl. I like the text for this. Musically a bit mediocre. still Finck and Bumblefoot you get the song here. another gem. 4 / 5
      Madagascar. This path is quite different than the live version as well as the demo. There are more instruments are added, so that the line a little more than good. But for people like me, the other versions, the same elements found in the middle of the road, including the infamous “What we have here is ….” Such an emotional song, I will never tire of this track. Excellent, especially with orchestral arrangements. 5 / 5
      This I love, is the ballad of the album. Another way about a girl, the more orchestral arrangements and axl on piano. The other of the two titles after Buckethead left the band. A nice, still a little rough, the guitar solo of Bumblefoot Featured here is next to the piano. It would not surprise me if this next year one. 4 / 5
      Finally, we Prostitute. Another slower song, but with more guitar than the previous track. It is also one of the other tracks more than 6 minutes long. A song about a prostitute? It can be very good as he appears to be referencing a woman. The guitar solo fits really well and with the other strings. Hiding the orchestra play makes for a nice end of not only the song, but for the album. Although it is perhaps not a perfect ending to an album, it is beautiful. 4.5 / 5
      So you have it. Now you get an idea of what you choose. Basically, if you are a fan of the Use Your Illusion albums, particually songs like November Rain, Estranged, and Do not Cry, you can, as this album. Of course, it is difficult to track, the fans of Double Talkin Jive and Dead Horse. But do not expect much from these albums, just a taste. As mentioned above, this album stands alone. It really is not a choir, as it results from these two albums, with the exception of “There was a time,” and so more orchestra, and in any case. It really is an interesting album, whether you are a fan or not Guns. A range of new, as if Guns first hit the scene, but does not mean that it is bad. Sometimes change is a good thing, and who would know better than Axl Rose!
      I found it interesting how there are three pages of credits in the album sleeve for the album itself and for the band, followed by the individual band members. I hope you all have axl. Even us fans. But I found it confusing trying to figure out who is on the guitar in the songs. An average of three credited guitarist per song. Especially since the parts Buckehead remain a large part of the track. This is something I have to check.
      Axl Rose solo project? Yes! But it is still characterized Guns N Roses and it's still very good, worth listening to.
      Thank you for taking the time to read, if my entire review. Longest yet! I appreciate it. And for those who consider it “not helpful” because of its length … to each their own, I say. And why Best Buy as the primary source for the album. One word: marketing. Followed by three words: I do not know.
      Overall: 4.3 / 5

  4. Jafari says:

    3.0 out of 5 stars
    A Rose By Any Other Name, Is Not Guns ‘N’ Roses (or) Stick Some ‘99 Cuts In There!
    I didn’t discover Guns `n’ Roses until 1991, when Terminator 2 galvanized all the film geeks to the tune of “You Could Be Mine”.

  5. Anonymous says:

    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Better late Than Never
    Back in the 90’s, Spin magazine put Axl Rose on the cover with the title “What The World Needs Now Is Axl Rose”.

  6. Emeric says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Worth the Wait…….Maybe Not but Still a Good Album!
    This album, due to the incredible amount of time of the delaying of its release, was doomed to be looked at as a failure unless it was an almost flawless album.

  7. Rita says:

    I'm sorry, I really tried. If Axl Rose 14 years is required (or type) to this album for his public, I have I give him the benefit of the doubt and listen to them carefully. But it is annoying and tedious collection does not remotely live up to his many years of production, or the legacy of Guns N 'Roses. Even if this album actually an approximation of the classic GNR lineup, so much time has passed that no one should expect it to sound exactly like the old band hungry. No matter what we have here … not deliver. It is the sound of an incomprehensible even obsessed recluse who thinks he is a messiah with rapturous supporters, not even influential entertainer with a lot of patience fans.
      Rockers It is known that for a few weeks and a few thousand dollars in a studio and an all-time classic. Axl is really far away, if he feels that for years has owned the studio short on details leading to perfection. The heavily over-produced hodgepodge of sounds is painfully clear how the slapped-on lead guitar squiggle in “Chinese Democracy”, the song unlistenable multi-tracking in “scraped” or the low-tech drum programming, on multiple tracks. The production of iron, the contributions of many musicians to over-processed dehumanization. And finally, axl more depending on the musicians, as he would probably care to admit, given the fact that ancient authors are in the brochure as full members of the band, as Buckethead (a fascinating virtuoso now back where he belongs in the vanguard of the U-Bahn), which is not even on for four years. A loose band of companions and hangers-on, the fragmentary contributions over several years, will never form a coherent band – and it shows.
      axl the many years of false perfectionism will not save unmemorable songwriting. The album is overloaded with mid-tempo Dirge resemble that progressive epics of Use Your Illusion, and they are competent but mostly bloated and directionless. The worst example is an experiment in some bizarre kind of techno southwest blues in “When the world is.” The few hard rockers are overproduced and signed replicas of fake fear of the late 90s, who bottomed out in the terrible “Shackler's Revenge” ;, a poor imitation of semi-industrial techno-metal, the grain even after a decade. Admittedly, the lyrics are slightly more luminous, and axl's voice is still the general assault weapon, the fear of the bejeezus out of the rock world back in the day. Axl but also loses more points for the so separated, that he thinks it is instructive to coopt Martin Luther King (in “Madagascar”), for his own obsessively tried to large returns.
      It's been 14 years of silence, 14 years pain … with nothing to show but a thin presentation of obsessiveness and isolation. Farewell, William Bailey. [~ ~ Doomsdayer520]

  8. Luthando says:

    2.0 out of 5 stars
    I am a huge Gun’s N’ Roses fan, I loved the raw hard rock of appetite, and I also loved every song on Use Your Illusions I & II, songs like “Civil War” and “Coma” were…

  9. Anonymous says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    100% music as art, the way it should be. Axl does not sacrifice art in any shape or form. He took his time, explored new styles and went against the grain again, in a great way…

  10. Neena says:

    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Axl Rose Goes Solo
    When I say “Guns ‘n’ Roses,” what comes to mind? How about this: a thunderous riff combined with a high-pitched vocal?

  11. Tablita says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Better, Street Of Dreams, Catcher In The Rye, Madagascar are a few of the memorable ones from this album. Speaking as a long time, die hard, Guns N’ Roses fan.

  12. Iowa says:

    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Where’s the samples?
    I refuse to purchase a music album that I cannot listen to before hand. Sorry, Ax.

  13. Luyu says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    GREAT CD!!!

  14. Lou says:

    It sounds like someone is beating a bag of cats against a wall. What in god’s name happened to this guy? Not even comparing it to the old GNR…if this were a stand alone album and we had never heard of gnr…it would still sound like someone beating a bag of cats against a wall.

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