Hail Satan 2: True Scandinavian Black Metal

In part two, Björn faces a though choice – staying true to his own feelings, or to black metal. MUSIC: Korn – Evolution Dark Funeral Cradle of Filth – Malice Through the Looking Glass Hammerfall – Hearts on fire Immortal – Call of the wintermoon SUBTTLES: Polish:

25 responses to “Hail Satan 2: True Scandinavian Black Metal”

  1. thevikingpower08 says:

    nice music….ammmmm…. Satan is GAY¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡,,, XDXD Norse Gods Rules¡¡¡¡¡¡

  2. hebelecik says:

    kiss me lady

  3. LiFe0In1ThE0MaTrix01 says:

    hahah fuck yeah respect to black metal this is me every day except i play punk

  4. 24acers666 says:

    These guys are fucking funny


  5. chadstaxxx says:

    so…not at all?

  6. n4mel3ss says:

    Yup, black metal is war

  7. LiFe0In1ThE0MaTrix01 says:


  8. awesomenize1 says:

    these guys are the most retarded people i have ever seen. I wish people would stop worshiping satan he only destroys sin is destruction i don’t know why people don’t get this i finally did and turned my life around. Now i am on the road of getting a house a really good job and hopfully soon a wife and kids. Now thats a good really good life not like these idots who live with there parents there whole life. Wake up people

  9. chadstaxxx says:

    satan wants your soul

  10. aFateSealedinRed says:

    Umm, I think you need to wake up. This whole video is a joke. Get the stick out of your ass.

  11. uglyguido says:

    how are you gonna get all that shit when you’ve got your head stuck up your ass!

  12. uglyguido says:

    make more for fucks sake!!!!!!!! This is hilarious!!!!!!!

  13. donmiad189 says:

    You’re on the road of getting a house etc…well, that’s nice then again many wish things would happen & don’t do anything about it so come back when you actually get a house first then brag on \m/ people have brought houses under mortgage agreements \m/ for some reason lost that really good job then just walk away so i guess Satan wins until something changes \m/ Hail Satan \m/

  14. blacksymphonia666 says:

    Hell yeah
    &, 666 rate ?!

  15. uglyguido says:

    you should disable the ratings so it stays at 666

  16. Blanqueador says:

    very funny

  17. ManowarTrueMetal says:

    Haha Metallica! Bög musik för bögar!

  18. huleyman128 says:


  19. trashtropper says:

    why the milk is blue???

  20. Mibmu says:

    Soy-milk or something…

  21. zetha90 says:

    fuck satan useless

  22. kaliwirta says:

    hoppas vi får se en tredje Hail Satan

  23. tweepixie says:

    I listen to Therion :P

  24. BogWraithius says:

    XD Hilarious, brilliant vid

  25. masajhn says:

    Haha Metallica! Bög musik för bögar!

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