How Can I Start A Very Famous Heavy Metal Band?

I want to know, how can I start a very famous heavy metal band.
Of course, the band might be not very famous at start, but I just want to know. We will need to record our songs in a garage, or anything like that or what? Then how can we make ourselves… famous?

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  1. crazycul says:

    It does take a miracle. I know kids who are like, ‘Yeah our band is gonna be so famous’. I think the best they got was a gig at a concert for a TRANSITION HOUSE.
    If you really want to become famous though, in a metal band, you need someone who’s got a great voice, a wicked percussionist [I refuse to say 'drummer'. Drummers pound on drums. Percussionists get paid to actually play the drums.], maybe one or two guitarists who know their way around a fretboard, and if you want, a bassist. Make sure you write good songs, or you won’t get too famous.
    As for recording, sure, go ahead! You can make an account for your band on websites like MySpace and Facebook, and put your recordings on there. Then maybe if you’re good enough, you can play at all ages shows or at other concerts. And a talent scout might be scouting for a band, and you might get there!
    Dedication is another big one. You need to be dedicated to your band.

  2. Alin says:

    If you are any good…you could try youtube.
    Some people has got a start there.
    Otherwise you have to work you way up the ranks or know someone.
    My son is a h&ll of a guitar player try to get a stable band together…he has been backstage with Motley Crue and talk to Mick Mars and he told him it took them years before they got discovered in L.A.
    You could also try cutting a cd and sending it to recording companies and you might get lucky.
    Good luck in your quest.

  3. Roxy Anne says:

    If all you care about is fame you’re already on the wrong track. Play music out of a passion for playing music and get all that other **** out of your head or don’t play at all. If your passionate about the music you create than people will take notice of that and you might become famous. But if you don’t, you can at least be proud of the music you made. Strive to make good music, not to sell-out.

  4. J/B says:

    Just so you know it takes a miracle, it’s that hard. But yes, you need to record yourselves, you need people to say ‘wow they’re good’ and you need to have a recording company that will record you, which means sending your recordings to them, and if they haven’t heard of you they probably won’t even open the envelope. Good luck. You’ll need plenty of it.

  5. loveshor says:

    You listen to Trivium and Slipknot, don’t you?
    Play in your garage. Calling yourselves garage rock revivalists gives instant popularity.

  6. Hannah says:

    Find very talented musicians to play with and practice, practice, practice until your soul bleeds and you get good so that they will wanna play with you

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