How Can I Start An Amish Heavy Metal Band?

4 responses to “How Can I Start An Amish Heavy Metal Band?”

  1. Cookie Cutter says:

    i think it’d be real hard. u need electric gutars and basses with loud amplifiers 2 make good a good heavy metal sound. those require electricity, which the amish don’t belive in,

  2. Dogboy says:

    you cant. amish don’t believe in electricity so you can only have acoustic which isn’t very metal at all.

  3. zack says:

    lets raise a barn mother f@ckers!

  4. Eric says:

    It’s definitely possible to start an Amish metal band. The first thing you need to remember is that you are an entrepreneur, an trailblazer, a groundbreaker; you are considering ’starting’ anything, because that’s creating something from nothing. The second thing you should always keep in mind as a trailblazer is never to listen to naysayers, like what you’ve found here, with me being the exception. Dreamkillers will shut you down quickly if you let them, so don’t give them your power. IF you have an idea to start an Amish metal band; there are probably several ways to do it based on what your values are; i.e., are you in fact Amish? If so, and you can’t reconcile doing the electric part of the metal band, then you’ll have to do it without electricity, and this IS possible; I’ve seen it done. As far as amplification goes, it’s possible to amplify to a point with the use of acoustic reflection such as in music halls. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to have electricity for rock and roll or metal of any kind. Just remember: It’s music: there are very few rules. What rules there are can be broken most of the time IF you can FIND a way to do it that WORKS. Too many ‘would-be’ rule-breakers just break the rules for the sake of breaking the rules with little to no consideration for the quality of the outcome; that’s a big mistake. The final product is always important, because your audience/consumers will judge IT and YOU on the quality or ’saleability’ of it. I.E., are they going to ‘buy’ it because it’s good; because they like it, or are they NOT going to ‘buy’ it because it sucks, or that they don’t like it? I heard a guy in a bar playing an acoustic guitar all by himself, and singing…he was singing and playing some song off of Black Sabbath’s first album, and he rocked it. You have to make it believable; you have to commit to whatever it is you are doing, and commit to it FULLY, every single time. If you can do that, people will buy it. People will like it. People will love it, and you will have a following that will grow. My first suggestion is that you write GREAT songs. Write about the TRUTH and be BARE NAKED HONEST about it. Bare your soul and allow yourself to be emotionally vulnerable. Write songs that MOVE people, because you won’t have what EVERY other metal band has, which is electricity to move people. Your composition is going to have to do the moving of human emotion. If it moves you, most likely it will moves others. Develop each song; don’t rush it, don’t half-ass it. Develop it into ‘what it was meant to be’. BE your music. Your music; your art, should BE WHO YOU ARE…as opposed to merely ’something that you do’. Music is the sound of the human soul, so FIND your soul and translate it into music that is unique to you. COMMIT. HEAVILY. FULLY. This cannot be stressed enough. You’ll only get one chance to convince people that both you and your music are ‘the real deal’, so don’t squander that opportunity. See you on the other side.

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