How Can Is Start A Good Death Metal Band?

i want to start a band with my friends like dying fetus or oceano
any tips

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  1. killthep says:

    come up with good songs! don’t copy off other bands. write meaningful lyrics and awesome riffs. try recording a song and post it up on myspace or youtube. add bands local and big bands. leave them comments so other ppl viewing their page can see your comment and give your page a view, add all your friends ask them to spread the word, take cool band pictures. go on twitter. so ppl know when you have a new song or gig. try getting into good shows or gigs. w.e you wanna call it. lol. play at a house party and if ppl like your music host a party and offer to play at parties (they have to pay too lol) here in miami fl we have something called battle of the bands, and talent farm where local bands go play their music to spread the word. try finding something like that where you live.
    good luck!
    and if you already have a myspace with music up send me the link! i wanna hear. xD

  2. WhoaBaby ;) says:

    well get someone that can scream, and scream throughout the whole song like many death metal bands do, let everyone try out and if they have any talent, look into them. try and get some people with a music background or has knowledge of death metal. get people that can play guitar and can do solos and who arn’t afiard to get up and do one on stage by themselves. i’d say try and get about 4 or 5 people for your band. good luck

  3. children of bodom hate crew says:

    Get them to practice a lot with you. Don’t refuse to let someone be in it just cuz they’re a freak cuz some freaks can actually play.
    And also uh you should make a facebook page for your band once you start and then invite everyone you know to become a fan on facebook cuz that really helps so people know about it.
    And also ACTUALLY PLAY even the smallest shows at bday parties or something cuz it’s retarded when people claim to have a band but they don’t play ****.

  4. the end says:

    First off, If you’re not into the genre, grab some classic albums and listen to them to get the feeling. Something like Monstrosity, Death, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse or Napalm Death would help.
    Now that you got your references, time to create your own music. If you don’t feel confident with what you’re doing try playing one cover that you like a lot. I also recommend an easy cover, not intricate math metal. “Pull the plug” or “The philosopher” from Death are killer songs to practice. Not too hard, not too easy.
    When writing your songs try not to be repetitive, create something unique and special, surprise you audience with tempo changes, odd meters and breakdowns. Nobody likes a four minute song that goes the same form start to beginning. Once again, check your references.
    Last advice, and maybe the most important: Practice!. When alone, always use a metronome. Death metal only will sound good if you play tight. Lousy death metal sucks, I hate when I hear sloppy guitar riffs or messy drum fills. Rehearsal as much as you can and know you guys (the band). Know your limits, it’s better to write a nice 4/4 riff that sounds good and its on tempo than play a 260bpm syncopated 7/8 string-skipping lick that sounds like s-h-i-t.
    I play in a death metal band too so I think know something of the business. In case you got some time to spare, look out for my band on jamendo or mySpace: Infection (Peru).

  5. Lissa says:

    1) get reservations in venues and small clubs. Use evertime you can to play together and practice
    2) Can you make a good slam beat/breakdown?…
    Cover some Devourment, Fetus, Suffocation, Abominable putridity, Guttural Secrete, WTC etc. Btw, u got a drummer or a drum machine?

  6. whoozo says:

    i’m in a heavy metal band as well….and it’s mostly just jamming and finding out what sounds good…

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