How Do I Start A Metal Or Rock Band?

ALOT of people say I have the perfect voice for singing an screaming. They say I should be in a band. How do I start one?

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  1. heart_of says:

    as someone that has been in plenty of bands, the best way to start one is to get your *** out in the clubs and meet the bands. alot of players are in more than one band to increase their chances of “making it” and good singers are as hard to come by as good drummers. let them know you are available. and some bands are not happy with their singers and will drop them for a better one. music is a business and you cant keep someone that sucks just cause they are your friend. just ask Dave Mustaine

  2. The Great Big Mouth says:

    Well, start asking around for people who can play instruments. You’re gonna need a guitarist, base player, and drummer. You can always post a notice online on your facebook or myspace (if you have one) or make posters and post them around town.

  3. Slinger says:

    You know, a lot of people say that the band members are most important about starting a band. They’re wrong. It’s all about the name. You can make crappy music, but if you have a cool name, you get a record deal.

  4. Oc├╝pado says:

    well get a Lead Guitarist, Bass Guitarist and a Drummer. You could do that by posting it on forums or websites like myspace, facebook and mibo or just send out flyers. After that start rocking. Rock On!

  5. George says:

    try to find people you know because its more fun being in a band with friends over people you really dont know

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