How Do You Start A Metal Band At 16?

I read a lot of todays metalcore bands were started by 16 year old high schoolers like Bring Me The Horizon, August Burns Red, and many more. I play guitar and am that age, and am really into this style, it’s my dream. I could join a band deffinetly. But only a few people I know actually like this heavy music, even fewer are musicians. What can you suggest?

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  1. Kristine says:

    Myspace. Classifieds. That’s how I’m building my band right now, as we speak. Give your information about the “job” (it’s FREE!), and there you have it. Well, no, no, you don’t have it… I lied. You have to write music first, or have collaborative jam/writing sessions where you all write the music together. Decide on what kind of metal sound you are looking for, and go for it. Youtube is your friend. iTunes is your friend. Myspace is your friend. Afton is not your friend. They ripped off my brother’s band (II have a whole family of musicians) really bad.
    Rock on to that dream, brother, and don’t give up!

  2. Oli says:

    First of all, make a band. Find some people who would do things like playing bass, drums, vocals…etc. preferably friends because they’re more likely to stick with you until the end. (I know that sounds cheesy…)
    If you’re going to be in a serious band where you write your own songs and such, make sure you have good knowledge of music. You can’t just be a tab player (by tab player, I mean a person who just plays from tabs off the internet), you have to know about keys, chords, reading music, and some musical terms. If you don’t know what a major scale, forte, crescendo, or piano (no, not the instrument) then I suggest you learn a whole bunch about music right away if you’re planning on forming a serious band.
    By serious band I mean like writing your own songs and trying to get famous. You could be making a just-for-fun band where you learn to play songs written by other people, then you don’t have to have to much knowledge of music.
    When you have your musical knowledge, and your band members (who should also know a little bit about music) you have to get yourself known. At our high school, we have Battle of The Bands every once and a while. You participate in those, and if you do really well, you could get fans. Even if you only have like three fans, it’s still good. Fans are good. You have to keep your eyes open for little battle of the bands and rock fest type things.
    Once you’re a little bit known, you can go searching for other places to preform, like in neighbouring towns (or different parts of the city if you live in a city). You have to try to get to know people that have to do with those things. Talk to your friends and family. Your friend’s friend’s uncle could own the Something-or-other stage in Happyville. And you have to make sure you get a good reputation with these people, so always be polite and don’t swear or anything and thank them greatly for letting you preform there.
    I know learning all the Italian musical terms might sound dumb, but any good musician (even heavy metal) needs to know something about music. A good musician needs to know how to appreciate (not ‘LIKE”) other types of music and understand how they make sense. I know this because I play flute and I play classical music and such, but I also like heavy metal, I like Cannibal Corpse, Children of Bodom, Carcass, and Sepultura the best. XD
    I’m 16 as well, and I don’t think you need to start a band right now because you have a lot of time, but starting to learn whatever you need to learn is definitely good to do right now.
    I hope this helps you. Good luck on achieving your dream.
    EDIT: I thought of something else, when you get really good you can post videos of your band on youtube. That’s a good way to get known and to find more fans.

  3. hellpoint says:

    well, in troy new york we have a harcore/ metal scene. im 14 and my band consists of 14 15 and two 16 year olds.what they covered is tre. play venues to get fans. u might even pay for a venue
    but then you have to record cd’c and try to get signed. but t doesnt end there. just because yur signed doesnt mean you have made it. u need an income of money. i mean if u want to make music ur career as i do. and for that, u need to sell cd’s and sell merch. thats ur main income. then u have paying igs when u are well known. then ur off. if u stay afloat then. u can have more advertisements, endorsments and other things to get you money. it sounds easy, but its not. my band is just gtting signed and is just getting known in upstate new york. i also forgot to mention that your music has to be good. other wise you are screwed

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