How to Play Heavy Metal Guitar : Sweep Picking Techniques in Metal Guitar

Learn how to use sweep picking inheavy metal guitar playing in this free video lesson. Expert: Gary Schutt Bio: Gary Schutt fue al Berklee College of Music donde se graduó con un BA en composición en 1990 y enseñó allí por dos veranos. Filmmaker: Gary Schutt

25 responses to “How to Play Heavy Metal Guitar : Sweep Picking Techniques in Metal Guitar”

  1. rockpetrad says:

    i think dragonforce is the shit on a CD but they are shit in concert =( they get soo drunk every time they can’t play

  2. rockpetrad says:

    Yngwie Malmsteen , Slash and uh Joe Satriani are my favs.

  3. hiitsmcjosh says:

    they have skill but they make their music ridiculous

  4. KillBloodRaven says:

    probably because they are.

  5. wolfvorines7 says:

    lol agreed

  6. Jazzertron888 says:

    i mean like modern metal with sweeps like he’s using. it seems more like a job for an ESP or an Ibanez

  7. GoodSmackUp says:

    No.. Its just sped up in the studio they cant actually play their own songs live…

  8. ELEMENT19191 says:

    they sound crp boths ways in mi veiw xD

  9. gutiarplyr411 says:

    thanks gary shit!!!

  10. JKnighticus says:

    he sucks…

  11. rtmhomiekilla15 says:

    Cheat sweep? No thanks man.

  12. JulianFStyle says:

    well,I think this guy it ’s not really good.I mean,he didn t seem accurate.
    I cannot say this guy can’t play the guitar but i don t want to say that he s a legend.

  13. MalevolentCreation1 says:

    i can sweep pick like full scaled arpeggios n shit but its good to see videos like this

    keep helping others out

  14. vivekrajud says:

    You learn better first bro

  15. feverhood says:


  16. dizimz says:

    I love all the people here commenting on the guys skills.

    so if you guys are so great, why are you here looking up guitar tricks?

    as for the video itself, it isnt majorly helpful
    Ive been learning to sweep picking for a little while but in general

    from the stand point of a viewer, this video could have stood to be rehersed a bit. Fine fine we all make mistakes and maybe its cause you were going slow but mistakes were made.

  17. metallord44 says:

    this sucks. like his mom on my nuts :P

  18. fitzlee522 says:

    lol you guys are fags who are saying this guys bad. hes not trying to do an insane sweep going super fast but hes trying to teach all you noobs who cant play guitar

  19. bambinosk8er says:

    heavy metal never uses stratocasters. and the sweep sounds like poo. he needs to use anything BUT a stratocaster. tzall bout the active emgs and humbuckers.

  20. nelsoooooooooon says:

    the name of the video is good
    people will straight away see

  21. zodiackilla says:

    Look at his pickups…

  22. Mettylus says:

    asshole you don’t know malmsteen??

  23. Dozerthehell says:

    you suck

  24. crusaderlineman2 says:

    You just live to insult, don’t you mate? He’s not playing metal guitar, he’s teaching it. As for the pickups, he’s not trying to sound good, he’s trying to make other people sound good. I now know how to sweep pick, so I guess it worked.

  25. bambinosk8er says:

    i dont live to insult. im just saying it is much is easier to sweep on an ESP or a jackson rather then a fender. a strat is just not a metal guitar. ever.

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