Jedi Mind Tricks – Heavy Metal Kings Featuring Ill Bill

Video for Jedi Mind Tricks – Heavy Metal Kings Featuring Ill Bill from the new album by JMT: Servants in Heaven, Kings In Hell In Stores September 19th! Babygrande

25 responses to “Jedi Mind Tricks – Heavy Metal Kings Featuring Ill Bill”

  1. DaReflectingGod says:

    nigga u a faggitbitchfukk so y shuld i lissen 2 yo shyt i been lissenin 2 real hiphop 4 23 years n u jus a baby

  2. pctgraverobba says:

    i have a really hard time believing that dareflectinggod is really this stupid
    1-his username is a marilyn manson title…so why would he like lil wayne?
    2-i dont believe that anyone could hear this and say that lil faggot wayne is better.

    im pretty sure hes just a troll who actually likes this music and hates lil wayne as much as anyone should, ive seen him on immortal technique videos saying the same shit

  3. pctgraverobba says:

    why do you have a marilyn manson song title for a username if you listen to real hip hop? and if you listen to lil wayne that means you listen to pop, not hip hop….and certainly not marilyn manson…explain please

  4. DaReflectingGod says:

    nigga i din make dis account an i dun lissen 2 dat shyt n fukk u cuz wayne da greatest an u stupid

  5. Faggotbitchfuck says:

    You do not listen to real Hip-Hop if you think Lil Wayne is the best.
    So 23 years you’ve been listening to it? so it’s safe to say most people would start to get into Hip-Hop around 11, so that would make you 34. That being said, what the fuck are you doing on YouTube, arguing Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive, shouldn’t you be past that shit?

  6. pctgraverobba says:

    fuck him dude, hes a fucking troll. i figured that retard out. it dont matter what you say hes going to argue

  7. Faggotbitchfuck says:

    Lol, true.

  8. metahead7 says:

    No kidding, should have seen him the other day when he went off on me for questioning his education, considering the way he writes; pretty sure he’s actually a white kid somewhere acting black, check out his channel and notice the subscription: Bloodgangownage. It’ll make you laugh.

  9. metahead7 says:

    also, I’m pretty new to youtube, what’s a troll? And what’s its purpose?

  10. pctgraverobba says:

    a troll serves absolutely no purpose. they have no life other than getting on this site and talking shit about everything they hate while looking up the videos more than the fans. hes probably a racist trying to make black people look bad.

  11. metahead7 says:

    that’s what I thought, thanks. I kind of feel sorry for the guy. Oh well.

  12. BF2Dunebug says:

    best song

  13. pctgraverobba says:

    yeah me too…hes a real goddamn jabrone

  14. Lizzygreenblatt says:

    JEDIS is good but BEAST1333 is SUPERIOR


  15. DaReflectingGod says:

    dis nigga rite her is a niggER an deys a differnce cuz we da same we both strong african americans n gradu8ed an shyt but da differnce is dat he rasist dat hate his own race cuz he tryna hold me down by sayin he betta den me cuz he type betta AN HE SED-OBAMA IZ A TERRIST MUSLIM NIGGER-!!!!!!he hate his own peeple so don hate on me cuz u don no whut da fukk u talkin bout

  16. metahead7 says:

    Give it a rest DRG, you still haven’t bothered to read the comments I wrote in context. Once again, I NEVER dissed Obama, I was clearly referring to the guy who called the Little Rock shooter a black muslim terrorist. If you can’t stand being criticized about your writing, which I’ve noticed almost everyone you argue with points out, then you shouldn’t write that way. Hell, you can’t even spell racist correctly. Have some pride. Just because I’m bugged about you doesn’t make me hate my own.

  17. DaReflectingGod says:

    dats wut he say on his coments 2 make himself feel gud but he call me a NIGGER in messges

  18. mrhetfield12 says:


  19. thebullgodxXx says:

    bro obama is the new fuckin hitler, DRG needs ta jus stfu with his mainstream bullshit its obvious he’s got no taste for real hip hop so fuck em

  20. sunsaah2002 says:

    when did michael moore start rapping ?

  21. plaguemarine says:

    gangsta language sucks
    its insulting to real handicapped ppl…

  22. Isaac1st says:

    Seriously, learn to read and spell. You’ll only make yourself look more like an idiot on the internet.

  23. DaReflectingGod says:


  24. cossak90 says:

    seriously funny stuff, but not intentionally.

  25. cacronation says:

    this song is fucking orgasm

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