FOR HIGH DEFINITION YouTube Version: It is my Tribute to GREAT melodeath band KALMAH. I put samples of the 14 KALMAH songs.. It was hard to decide which songs to put into the video.. Because of the limited video upload duration of YouTube, I could only cover some of the great songs, but I am planning to put the rest into my next Kalmah video.. Thanks for watching… Note to Fans: KALMAH’s fifth album was released in early April 2008. The complete tracklist of this awesome …


  1. nickik21 says:

    ITS not folk! its melodic death metal sure kalmah has some folk influence but the have allsow classic elements.

  2. XxXxXxmetalxXxXxX says:

    i love the guitar but I can’t stand the vocals

  3. PhibeRCoRe says:

    the most amazing guitar! but vocals sucks so bad..

  4. wibblegorm says:

    Meh, I’d take Dark Tranquillity over these guys. =P

  5. abdul1881 says:

    old in flames is melodic deathmetal and they have swedish folk influence on alot songs

  6. kovtomap says:

    My best of kalmah…. My nation , THEY WILL RETURN ….I realy miss there the second song. Try!

  7. jumatm says:

    ye but they stole a lot of stuff to cob…but theyre good

  8. 896423658 says:

    kalmah is one of my three favourite death melodic metal bands after Norther and Imperanon(the kings).
    Awesome music…

  9. pmduke06 says:

    love kalmah. come to the US already.. shit

  10. DoomSc0t says:

    Good but the fathers of melodic death are with no doubt Dark Tranquillity

  11. raiden233 says:

    dammit u chose great songs:D

  12. Marakkis says:

    I agree. Kalmah is definitely the best Melodic Band.

  13. medyap says:

    Fuck Swedish Melodic Death Metal Bands….Finnish Melodic Death All The Way!!!!!!!!!

  14. Demiigodd says:

    if the vocals were lauder would be perfect

  15. adictos15 says:

    se ve ke no conoces a In Flames U___u

  16. AlxMiNeR says:

    #3Kalmah #2Norther #1Children Of BODOM for sure ^^….well thats just what i think .. its only a point a vue but i have to say too.. there is one album from throne of khaos that everyone should listen at least 1 time -menace and preayer- its so good :)

  17. RockIsNotDeadx says:

    Yes i’m agree with alxminer!
    Children of bodom are the best.

  18. AaaJii69 says:

    Bodom is shit… Well old bodom was ok.
    But Kalmah fucking rules!!

  19. MATTKALMAH says:

    Kalmah are by far the best melodic death metal band! they have the best style! Dark Tranquility is prob the 2nd best…or skyfire…or norther…its all awesome! But swamp metal all the way!!!!

  20. Vellwander says:

    Good songs and good effort, but Antti’s solos are like half of the awesomeness of Kalmah so I would’ve put some of those in there too :)

  21. CHENDY666 says:

    Insomnium are the best melodic death metal band.

    end of

  22. MorbidWinter says:

    Kamah IS the best band ever. I mean, every song is tolerable. They are all awesome!

  23. rencrow says:

    kalmah \m/

  24. evill37 says:

    They are different of another melodeath band and that is important. Great style. I´m looking forward to a new album

  25. Metallicafreak93 says:

    If Insomnium would lay off of making songs based on mourning and pain then II would make them #1 in my melo death list.

  26. KalmahPwnz says:

    Dont Talk About Other Bands When The Video Isnt About Them.

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