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The sixth album for the American melodic metal act, featuring Roy S. Khan (ex-Conception) on vocals. 16 tracks. Noise. 2003.


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  1. Waldo says:

    _Epica_ Is the long-awaited sixth album from Kamelot, Conception, and the fourth with former vocalist Roy Khan. I think they are by far the best European style power metal band that ever made music (it is not of praise for free!). What makes the rank of Kamelot Clusters terribly Power Metal bands? For the question of what makes them amazing * * instead of just good? The answer is quite simple: Khan and Thomas Young Blood. Khan voice rises on Eagle's wings, its emotional power, unique timbre, subtle (Norwegian) accent, and perfect inflection makes him not only the best singers in this style, but almost everyone else. Actually, I am hard to believe, by a male singer I like more than the mighty Khan. If you've read something about _Epica_ in the hype before the release, you could run it for a few hopelessly demanding “power metal” band to write an album based on something from JW Goethe _Faust_. Hmm … these bands are not the type to sing that saccharine love stories, saving the environment, and usually banal subjects (with terrible texts, no less)? There should be no worries, because Khan – in addition to a first-class singer – is a great poet, with striking colors and nice depth and diction. _Epica_, A concept album about a man searching for truth and meaning. Honestly, I think it is brilliantly done. Actually, the story is so interesting that I am eager to hear Epica Part II only to find out what happens. For the future: Epica> Mindcrime. In “The Center of the Universe”, Ariel Questions the meaning of life and yearns for truth, in which he can rationally. In “Farewell,” he is from his hometown, Bidding goodbye to all his loved ones. But his trip as planned and not in “The Edge of Paradise” He is disillusioned and lost, more and more into an abyss of drug abuse. In his time of mourning, he thinks back to his love Helena in “hiking”. But they know is only a memory now, he loses his will to live. Then, in “Descent of the Archangel,” the Dark Angel Mephisto appears to him and tried him with vanity. Mephisto brings Ariel to his castle where he meets all his desires in the ground “ceremony for the Vain.” After Helena Ariel meets and spends a special moment with her in “On the coldest winter night. On “Lost & Damned, Helena goes to say Ariel from her pregnancy, but he tells her that his search for truth is more important than love. He feared to be with her after a halt to the temptations of Mephisto. Helena then drowned in the river, killing not only themselves but their unborn child. Ariel tries to handle this loss in “The Mourning After”, but he is deeply scarred. On “III Ways to Epica”, Ariel – torn between the evil and the angels Mephisto Helen – continues the journey he began at the beginning. The Khan Youngblood songwriting core is simply the best in this style. As an album with such a title, _Epica_ is Kamelot's epic-sounding version. The list of guest musicians that competitors Rhapsody album titled Weberei rising symphonic elements in the driving punch of the band's melodic metal style. Choirs are just huge, melodic, and powerfully sublime, and the urgent build them on the verses is spine-tingling. Youngblood's thick, crunchy guitar sound is toned back a bit, woven by keyboards and strings. Layers of synthesizers throughout many songs recall the atmosphere of the band on “The Spell” from _Karma_. As always, lots of influences from different eras and regions throughout obvious, but what is particularly impressive is how seamlessly the various elements. Even in songs with strong influences, like the Arabic motif and Gregorian chants of “The Edge of Paradise” or the Parisian tango of “Lost & Damned”, is all together, so secured that it took me several organic hears them be noted. “The Descent of the Archangel” is ominous and foreboding, with eerily menacing verses and a chorus of the violent 16th Note machine gun drums and bass guitars. Rhapsody Luca Turilli's bears frenetic guitar solo in this song. I think some bands carry a ballad with the beauty of Kamelot and _Epica_ ballads are no exception. “migrant” is a summary of longing magenta flush – pure perfection. While “walking” refers to the summer, “On the coldest winter night is dark and Frostie. A simple illustration plucked guitar feels like cold snowflakes on the skin, with a deep bass add to the weight of the moment. The djembe is a kind of earthy warmth to the chill atmosphere, like the warmth of the love between Ariel and Helena at that moment the song describes. Co-producer and keyboardist Miro merit here on these two songs especially his brilliant string arrangements and subtle sensuous add emotion without over-the-top. One thing that Kamelot has more than one of their peer bands is subtlety. (Kamelot proves there's nothing inherently cheesy about Power Metal – it is a matter of the artist, not the style.) Gorgeous Fey is the voice of guest singer Mari who plays Helena. In Helena's Theme “, she sings with the exclusive Rodenburg Symphony Orchestra for the album's most beautiful moment. Some of the cooling, where Khan and Mari-trade-off lines, as in the piano-based interlude in “The Center of the Universe” and the chorus of the epochal “III Ways to Epica” (best chorus, as always ). The Limited Edition has beautiful packaging and a bonus track called “Snow”, a rapid reduction of would fit well on _Karma_. This is an amazing version, which also tips _Karma_ amazing what so good, I thought they would never beat. It's almost scary to think how good this band is still increasing. _Epica_ Is a pure masterpiece should make that a desperate feeling of helplessness for all other power metal bands. Kamelot is all about.

  2. Yale says:

    If you have the pleasure, time with this recording. Most people reading our reviews of these bands are here for a reason – we all love this kind of music. I do not remember when bands like Kamelot, Symphony X, Vanden Plas are Power Metal. Or is through music and progressive thinking musicians who happen to play electric instruments. Epica Karma is where stylistically from the left, hit with some numbers that some pieces back, and Khan's rising vocal chords ripping right through you. This is a rollercoaster of melodies, tempos and themes. Like most fans of music like this, I ask logenvity with these bands, and, fortunately, is a kind Kamlelot only, and Thomas Young Blood is obsessed by the music of this band, so I hope it is the music of these guys as long as my ears work. Long live Kamlelot.

  3. Ipo says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    They Keep Getting Better!
    These guys keep getting better. The prior albums had moments of brilliance (see songs like “Karma”, “The Spell”, or “Silent Godess”) but were somewhat hit-or-miss.

  4. Odelia says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Best Kamelot album
    I’ve listened to all of Kamelot’s albums now. I started a few months ago on Napster and systematically made my way through most of them.

  5. Gunnar says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A masterpiece.
    Epica is a brilliant album that masterfully creates a story of love and life that manages to flow beautifully from track to track.

  6. Anonymous says:

    If you are already a Kamelot fan, then U know what an incredible power-metal band are.Already it is only the fourth Legacy & Karma, they take it to the next level with a concept, that album is a masterpiece of metal. Complete with orchestra vocals, killer riffs, and most remarkably, Khan's singing performance.This dude can sing! Instead Immerse yourself in the concept, I will say what simpily Trax kick …! Edge of Paradise, the descent of the archangel, “the beautiful ballad migrant, the mourning after the murderer and III Ways to Epica.The CD Interludes melt that each track seamlessly into the next, the listener into a Supersonic mid evil dimension of bliss.The metal production is the best band ever had, and the whole band has to Kamelot runs like a well oiled machine.There is a great atmosphere on this album and I can not recommend it enough to fans of Stratovarius , Nightwish, Queensryche, and even older Savatage.Incredible musicality and a wonderful story, EPICA takes its place alongside the like Abigail, Streets A Rock Opera, Operation: Mindcrime and The Odyssey as a classic metal approach album.My favorites of 2003 so far, it deserves a 5-star rating and your full attention.

  7. Rylee says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Well, I honestly can’t remember just where or from whom I first heard of Kamelot. It was a divine calling that I should pick up this CD. I just had a feeling about this one.

  8. Zaida says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    theres a new sherriff in town!!
    thses guys rock, and the vocals are 2nd to..well maybe dio ,well worth the price of addmission!

  9. Kevine says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Kamelot pulls a 4 star release. Epica is trult epic in every respect. Again Khan and Youngblood are the backbone of the band.

  10. Nellis says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Pretty good
    I’m not usually a fan of “power metal”, but this was a pretty good cd all the same. Some of the songs sound basically the same but there are few that stand out.

  11. Ling says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Simply incredible
    I must admit, I came by “Epica” a bit by accident. I was experimenting with various power metal bands, found “Karma” acceptable, so when I found “Epica” in my nearby music store,…

  12. Lycoris says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    One Of Kamelot’s Best
    On Epica, I was amazed at the medieval meets Metal sound. It was just what I was looking for. The Black Halo is equally good.

  13. Bindi says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Epica Indeed…
    The title of this album pretty much sums it up. This is an engaging, exhilerating album full of progressive, melodic and power metal.

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