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As a music consumer you ve got to be extremely cautious with a term such as cult band . It is often used to describe acts who are commercially unsuccessful or by groups trying to disguise their musical inabilities. With all due respect, this is certainly not the case with King s X. Doug Pinnick (vocals, bass), Jerry Gaskill (drums) and Ty Tabor (guitars) are consummate professionals who enjoy a brilliant reputation amongst fans, media and their peers. King s X s status as a cult ba (more…)

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  1. Lajos says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    XV-Kings X
    This latest offering from King’s X has become one of my favorites very rapidly. The disc is loaded with tracs that draw you in with the blues-y melodic tightness that is King’s X…

  2. Emiliano says:

    At this point in the career of King'X, one can not help but be reminded of Rush. Fans tend to divide history in both bands several “eras”. King's X is a strong fan base during their “Sam Taylor-era, which lasted until well Dogman (if Taylor is not on this album). Ear Candy, Tapehead, Mr. & tubers, the band searching for a new direction, surviving divorce, loss of faith, and surviving the challenges of promoting themselves with a smaller label. Most fans believe Manic Moonlight a low point for the band, so scattered and directionless that some of us feared for their future. The Retro “Black Like Sunday 'not much hope, as the band reaches back before Taylor songs rather pleased. It seemed the train were of steam and ideas were also dry.
      Enter Tom Wagner, Ogre Tones produced an album with fresh sounds, also hearkened back to the prog bands earlier days with Sam Taylor. I believe that King's X has been on a journey to find their place in the world musically and spiritually, and XV may be only that the highlight of the trip. Like Rush, they have changed, confused fans and all, but from the public eye, but they have stubbornly refused to keep churning the same old album of the year.
      XV picks up where Orge Tones left, but builds on its strengths. Lush harmonies, three have been largely abandoned in favor Gang screamed vocals, and little touches of Beatlesque vocals characterized by the fact that their earlier works. The spacey, proggy sound Grethen and FHL are gone, never again it seems, but it is in place, we have a lean, tight, solid wall of sound, based on the melody, with unforgettable song-structure, and only hints at the complexity of the band is capable of.
      Hey, it is King's X. You do not have to prove that they are for everyone.
      The new handset is a clean, accessible version of the legendary band, while the long-time fans a mature, focused effort, probably its strongest since Dogman. The trio is, of course, revitalized and have complained about their roots, their tragedies and their musical meandering. It is as if they unapologetically, said: “This is the new King's X. Love it or leave it. “Oh yes – and it is satisfied (in most cases). Remember when King's X was happy? The fun is back.
      I give it four stars because Ty's guitar solos are few, and many fans of the band to hear, because the man is a god on the guitar – we need more!
      Otherwise, the next logical chapter in the King's X story. It's great to see a band grow and find who they are. I'm Gonna Go Tell Somebody.

  3. Sabrina says:

    King's X fans happy … here with a different gemstone XV. This is an album you can sink teeth into. 14 tracks of music, the only King's X! They have their own style and a large fan base that supports them, because they are damn well what they do … ROCK! I'm loving this album, and here is my take lane track. I have a star of I think the songs are the best.
      * 1 Pray for me – humming the bass opens up to a rocking tune that challenges the religious faithful to pray for the writer of the song (DUG). dug sings the verses and chorus with Jerry Ty and filling the background vocals. In today's time … Sometimes I agree with the sentiment of this song. Some people are so eager to say they have all the answers when it comes to religion, but I do things always in question and the feeling as I do not have the answers. You can also pray for me!
      2nd Blue – a slower melodic tune that has a great chorus sung by dug. The message is not stagnant, not only mad. Things change makes you mad, but it is only normal. The lyrics on this album are really difficult to me, and I love the.
      3rd Repeating myself – Nice intro from Ty on a guitar riff and then cascading main vocals throughout the song. This song is a melodic slow tempo song that talks about the things that happen every day monotonous. Ty has some really nice guitar fills and textures throughout the song.
      * 4 Rocket Ship – this is a funny tune, Rocking dug sing for the pure joy of things, and he asks you to work with him about his new found sense of fantasy, with today's harsh world. This is a great song to the car.
      * 5 Julie – song sung by Jerry about the love of his life. Acoustic guitar quite beautiful and melodic electric guitar and bass compliment Jerry's very Beatlesque voice. Not many drummers there can fill his shoes musical drums, vocals, guitar and songwriting skills.
      6th Alright – straight ahead rocker with a fast tempo. dug sings this song is about the worries and joys of getting older, you love.
      7th Free – dug sings this song criticizing the majority for stupid people to deal with money, credit cards, etc. Not a bad song musically but the lyrics are not my favorites. The song has a great bass line.
      8th I Just Want to Live – another title in Ty's repertoire with a slow-tempo rock song with clean vocals in this stereotypical Beatlesque style, King's X is known for his with. This is very nice melodic song with a simple guitar strumming part. Ty sings about the contact with his feelings.
      * 9 Move – rhythmic and driving bass and drum intro. Ty wells in some guitar, and then dug comes with his soulful voice and the guitar part Ty up and slams you into a great chorus of grinding guitar riff, dug voice in echo effects, sound thumping bass and drums.
      10th I Do not Know – another song from melodic Ty excuse for his indecision. Similar melodic style of Ty, we have heard before. Good song … Ty is a very good song writer and often overlooked, for his skills in this area.
      * 11 Stuck – one of the major pieces on the plate. dug delivers the vocals in one verse slowly, but then to build a harmonious chorus discuss how one can love in strange places.
      * 12 Go Tell Somebody – the pearl of the album … almost the title of the album. A different sound for King's X, but a great melody. The guitar is fast and driving flood of Fretwork and the vocals are simple, but for the song very well … Harmony in the chorus. If you like, you know what to do.
      * 13 Love and Rockets (Hell's screaming) – the first of two bonus tracks on the album. This dark and grinding is a fun song to hear how it is more severe than the album has to offer. I like King's X-metal side, and it shines brightly here in a song is about the people to hate because they are different.
      * 14 No lie – almost a traffic jam on a blues riff that turned into a great fun with the mix of music, the only King's X, … humming the bass, melodic and harmonious voices, gritty guitar parts that mix blues, rock and metal – … all have a strong and solid rhythm of the drums. Guitar solos Ty fans will be happy and some parts sound a little like Brian May

  4. Sylvana says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Solid effort, diverse mix of styles, not quite adventurous enough
    I’m a long-time listener of King’s X, but this is my first review. I’ll show my cards up front: I consider their best albums to be “Faith Hope Love” and “King’s X”, although the…

  5. Emilie says:

    Slide 4.5 stars …
      I can not stop listening to this album – and it's been a while since I said that to an album. XV, for all its simplicities, is still difficult to categorize, which makes it great. It is the kind of album that the packaging of a legitimate punch when you first heard, not necessarily blow you away on first listen, and again, that's what makes it great! Your brain is determined by the mechanical intellectualizations the first time, inventory … not a real solo, no epics, no new or sounding incredibly adventurous … All pieces are short and “sweet”. And often the danger with such a recipe lies in the fact that something can trigger you permanently retire the album on your shelf (or from your iPod) after only one shot – forever forgotten.
      But not this album! This is King's X we're talking about! What others can write a whole song on “One Day It's gonna be alright alright alright alright yeah yeah”, with all the background vocals and trimmings of the anthemic “Sing-along, and they come out sounding so damn … ARTISTIC! And it is on grounds that the evidence of King's X [back] is not the abyss of a listen-throw-away, because there is something in the subconscious that you want you back, and a blast by them again.
      And again and again. Until you finally even the permission to sing along with the “na na na na” chorus of the word “BROKE” with all the serious, soulful, heartfelt fist-pumping is that the crisis deserves. While I have this file as “grows on you” album, if only because we (I) are more obsessed with each new listen, I admit, it grows very quickly to you – so watch out! The only Heartbreak is for me the “Straight-A-child-is-expected-set-yet-more” syndrome. We all know the potential of the band … and in view of the electrical energy in the air here, it hurts me when I think maybe coulda-woulda-shoulda been a. .. dare I say … Masterpiece, she had her newfound energy and pushed the envelope of adventure a bit more – but still, while the “whoa yeah's” firmly intact!
      Oh, I'm sure many fans are not with me, triumphantly applauding this version like a sigh of relief “return to form” in a way that still view, fresh and at a stage all their own. But Do not misunderstand me, who am I to disgree? Right now, I'm addicted.
      Ok good, 5 stars – the Brian May guitar harmonies at the end are a knockout blow

  6. Fruma says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    You shouldn’t be dissappointed
    I have been a King’s X fan for 20 years. This album was awesome. It is one of their best stuff in a long time. I would reccommend it to anyone who likes the King’s X sound.

  7. Gunhilda says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    best band ever!
    great cd, the more i listen to it the more i like it. great band live!

  8. Tablita says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    its kings x alright, i like this
    did’nt like at first had to grow but it did. a fan of theirs for years and saw them live many times when they come to philly.

  9. Tacey says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    kings x 15
    good mix of music. some really hard driving tunes but also a couple mellower (tabor vocals). great band.

  10. Kyla says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Kings X – XV
    Received on time and in perfect condition. Kings X is one of my favorite bands and I looked forward to receiving the CD from the date of purchase.

  11. Odeda says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Another Kings X success.
    I love this band. This CD is a return to form. Heavy, and dark in spots, but still full of their amazing harmonies, and talent. If you like this band, this is a MUST have.

  12. Zaidin says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Green Like Moss (it DOES grow on you)
    Honestly, I have been not only disappointed with more recent Kings X albums, but also with the majority of reviews on Amazon (long a trusted source for my music-buying forays)–…

  13. Fidella says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Go Tell Somebody… seriously
    This is either top right after Dogman or equal to it. It is so heavy but done tastefully… I used to give people Bulbous to listen to to get into the band but now I give them…

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