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Contemporary metal doesn’t get much better or blistering than Lamb of God, something the quintet proves track-by-track on this latest offering. Armed with a bevy of furious riffs and perhaps even more furious vocals, the group tears through tracks such as “Walk with Me in Hell” and “Foot to the Throat” with a ferocity too-little-heard among the sea of bands that the group has inspired in its still-young career. Detractors will be tempted to fault the band for its lack of subtlety, (more…)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Continuing Improvement
    I’m an older guy (approaching 50) and I saw these guys at a concert that I had gone to to see another band and they were incredible.

  2. Estevao says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    thank you so much for your speedy delivery and well described item. GREAT SELLER!

  3. Cuyler says:

    Once considered one of the serious music of the best and most promising talents and active bands with their first three albums, Lamb Of God knew the time was right to its sound. The band members have said in interviews that they are not always the same phrases over and over, or they would get bored and retire earlier than many people want. Plus, a big band is always trying to top their past albums, but even if it is very difficult to surpass 2003, the great “, as the Palaces Burn” and `04 is wonderful” Ashes Of The Wake “.
      There is no doubt that “Sacrament”, LOG, the fourth studio release takes several musical progress and new directions. Probably the first thing you will notice is that the sound is much more cautious. The riffs are not as meaty or constant, and Chris Adler's machine gun double bass drums only occasionally on shoots.
      The next thing you will notice is that “sacrament” has a greater influence on black metal. The sound picture is much darker, and front man Randy Blythe's vocals sound more evil because he is crying more than usual (at least once in every song).
      The listener is quite uncertain, “Sacrament”, after the first track, “Walk With Me In Hell”. It does not break with the stop-start-Double Kick Drums and chilling whisper of the title phrase, but it is still a very different tone than what we're used to. It is also a cool, Winding / mazey guitar solo. After this song is “We Rise Again”, which is a bit more muscular and propulsive efficiency due to the punching riffs, but it's just so hard. “Redneck” (the lead single) is so surprising and brave it's almost frightening. The southern and almost Groove Rock `n 'roll-esque vocal style makes it sound like LOG are a Rebel Meets Rebel Songs (the project with Pantera and country singer David Alan Coe).
      thinking of “sacrament” as Lamb Of God's version of Slayer's 1988 release “South Of Heaven” (please note I did not say, Metallica's “Black Album” ). The band is at a time when the stakes are very high for them, so that instead of trying to even the heavy, they Dabble in slower songs and even a bit of melody and harmony (ie, the blast thumping beat to “Descending” is states of semi-melodic guitar parts). It is very likely to release a controversial among fans, but it is still a success. (If a band is going to their sound, which is how they should do it – Dissection should take notes.)
      Granted, it's a little inspiring, stimulating, and instantly meet (in part because of the lack of Randy famous political text), and it is unlikely to translate and Lamb Of God's Live show, so it is not Upstage “Ashes Of The Wake”. But it is still very inspired and totally great. One could also argue it is even more memorable, because “sacrament” has taken significant leaps in the creative, diverse (darn near every song offers something new), unique, daring, innovation and departments.
      And this is not a complete task of the LOG-core sound. For one, the songs are still a lot of catchy. “The black Cursed Sun” ends with large, skipping guitar hooks, “Forgotten (Lost Angels)” is wonderfully catchy and with a fantastic structure and vocal climax, “Requiem” follows with a breathtaking, snowball fights and rhythm ” More Time To Kill “sport is an irresistibly rhythmic, foot-tapping beat. In addition, there are some serious tracks. “Pathetic” is by pounding drums, a catchy, raging, guitar-driven rhythm, and another solo Wailing Wall “foot to the neck” has thrashy riffs, which are a type of “Ashes Of The Wake” vibe; and “Better than Death's Door”, the album is probably the hardest, fastest and Angri moment. LOG the last two sentences have ended with a song that an unexpectedly soft intro consisting of acoustic strumming, but this is not the case here. Props to the band for keeping things interesting and unpredictable.
      It will be interesting to see how “Sacrament” age and the type of reaction is it from fans. Many (including this REVIEWER) will welcome this new musical direction, but it is probably safe to say that it is overall a fairly mixed reaction. One thing is for sure, but whether it's because you enjoy the “sacrament”, or you want to make them, or because you can not believe your ears, it definitely guarantees repeated listens, and return to it often in the future.

  4. Bastien says:

    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Worst vocals ever recorded…
    Music is decent but the vocals make me want to kill myself.
    Unless that’s the idea.

  5. Ossie says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    True Metal !!
    With all the ‘New” metal and that sort of garbage coming out these days it’s nice to see a band that can hang with the likes of some of the best old school bands.

  6. Maddox says:

    After a few albums on their modern update of classic thrash and death metal, Lamb of God have reached the top of their game. This album is jampacked with ideas maturing songwriting and instrumental skills. Sacrament is a bit less dramatic, but much more solid, almost as masterly Ashes Wake. The band coronation is still their fearsome rhythm section, with a frighteningly accurate drummer Chris Adler and Lowdown Bass Gutbucket by John Campbell (he is so low that perhaps only Satan can be fully heard). Guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler significantly improve, particularly with its solos and the creativity of their thrash riffs. Randy Blythe's vocals continue to be a bit of a disadvantage, because he sounds pretty stereotypical, if he stays in his usual guttural cookie monster growl. However, Blythe is indicative of a greater excitement when he decides to be outside its normal range, and he is sure about the style of today's standard metal Screamer. The policy of the Blythe, the lyrics are still unclear, although its sheer misanthropy and angry anti-establishment rants are always quite interesting.
      Lamb of God growth as a songwriter can be seen in two other notable tracks here. “Redneck” adds a sly Southern rock twist to a blistering riff, on the Blythe Diatribe to a certain highly placed (ahem) Redneck, while the swollen slow burn of “Descending” offers great drama and a growing sense of momentum. A recurring problem on Lamb of God previous albums was that songs were slow and repeated after the first riffs survived their usefulness, but here the problem is usually avoided by more creative arrangements, except in parts of “Walk With Me in Hell “(the open is not a good choice for album opener), and” blacken the Cursed Sunday “But the band is always much better to add the occasional quiet passages and creative effects, the severity of their usual stand out much stronger. Examples are the wild one-two punch of “Forgotten (Lost Angels)” and “Requiem”, and the exact title Piledriver “foot to the neck” and “more time to kill.” As the Most long-Metal bands, Lamb of God have now overcome their category and are in a category by itself. This is the new standard of pure American metal. [~ ~ Doomsdayer520]

  7. Sy says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    It was an interesting change of pace for the band…..
    Compared to New American gospel or Ashes of the Wake, this cd is more melodic riff wise. The power chords are very evident and very heavy.

  8. Ximena says:

    Lamb of God Sacrament is the latest album, and so far its experimental. Randy's voice is deeper and wider. I believe his voice sounds sacrament to the way they live, a little deeper than in previous recordings like “New American Gospel” or “As the Palaces Burn”. Guitar solos are much more frequently throughout the album. To those who say LOG contains no guitar solos in their songs, check out tracks like “The Subtle Arts of Murder and Persuasion” or “Remorse is for the dead.” Finally, Chris Adler holds log format deadly attack is breathtaking with his drumming skills. Lamb of God is without a doubt, is loaded with talent. Debate differently sacrament is disappointing to say is just stupid. As already mentioned, how does a band likely to topple the crown jewel of their albums? By working hard to create a new one. The people should be to implement. Bands experiment in the hope that an even better sound. To those who might be disappointed with this album, because it compares an awesome band on Corporate Sellout like Metallica, you get your high horse and the mother of the basement. Great metal bands have been in existence since the 1980s, and Lamb of God is one of them.

  9. Priya says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    I have been experimenting with new music and bought this on a whim. keep in mind that I just invested about 5000 bucks in a car stereo for a blown 2004 Z06 Corvette and was…

  10. Nadia says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The first thing that comes to mind when I listen to Lamb of God is “they sound like Pantera”. This is a complement. I love Pantera.

  11. Maddy says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Descending into the darkest release yet
    You’ll feel like a recovering heroin addict as you sit in a dark corner rocking back and forth from the shock……the shock that music this good exists!!!!

  12. Austin says:

    2.0 out of 5 stars
    i was counting the days for this cd to come out.log is one of my fav bands.i love all their outher cds but i cant say the same for sacrament.

  13. Maconaquea says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    This time the lamb does the slaughter!
    For awhile now I never really liked lamb of god but I decided to go ahead and buy this cd after already owning Ashes in the Wake and discovered a new must have band for any…

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