Learn the Best Techniques in Selecting Colours for Your Web Project

Designing web-sites involves several skilful disciplines from layout to type & colour. Colour is particularly pivitol as it gives the first impression to the user. the right colours can create a good user experience, while the wrong colours can have a bad impact.

To build a great website, the web designer should know how colours can affect people. people often subconsciously react to colours & associate them with different emotions & feelings.

Colours don’t just stir up emotions & feelings that might influence how a site is received but they can also be cleverly utilised to direct users in the direction of specific bits of your web site.

Every single colour that you can think of can be used on the web now, so choosing the correct colours can be a daunting task. here is a fast summary of how some colours provoke certain reactions.

Blue can mean depth, professionalism, trust and honour. Dark blue is used by several corporate firms but this colour can also be construed as cold.

The colour black is about power, elegance, evil and mourning. heavy metal bands regularly use backgrounds that are black because of its association with the dark side and anger.

The colour yellow can represent wealth, joy optimism and energy. Using yellow in designing for the web is a distinguished way to make certain components stand out from the rest of the web site.

Black can be associated with death, mourning, power & style. plenty heavy rock bands use black as their predominant colour due to its links with death & evil.

Yellow summons up visions of summer, joy & optimism. it’s a colour that can be overwhelming & if used alongside with black, it creates a feeling of warning.

Just like yellow, red is linked with love, sex & energy. it can be overpowering if over used, although its fabulous to attract attention.

Brown can be used to express honesty and trust in a design. it can also be linked to ageing, warmth & comfort.

Orange is associated with enthusiasm, creativity & stimulation. it can be used in designing websites to portray friendliness.

Orange is associated with fire, enthusiasm, heat and hazard. But its also a really friendly and youthful colour that’s used frequently in websites aimed at youth culture.

Tradition, stability, depth and mother earth are all associated with brown. But its really similar to green in the fact that its also linked with trees, mother earth and calm.

Knowing what the colours represent and the power of them can be of great benefit when designing sites. by being aware of the target audience, designers can being thoughtful with the choice of colours that link to the end user thus making the site look attractive and appealing. E-commerce areas can be made better by pointing the user in the direction of the purchase now button by creating contrast and drawing attention.

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