ManOwaR – Brothers of Metal

HD link: The Absolute Power – Live in EarthShaker 2006 All HAIL ManOwaR! It’s more than our religion it’s the only way to live!

25 responses to “ManOwaR – Brothers of Metal”

  1. diegorockhell says:

    hail from argentina, bogdan fucking poser!

  2. lkpgsweden says:

    Hail from Sweden

  3. Jakebooy69 says:

    HAIL from FInland !!!

  4. GmEx3 says:

    hi from Turkey

  5. samhuinn1991 says:

    Powermetal lyrics are the best ^^

  6. idied2 says:

    sup from America!

  7. erosrezso says:

    Hail from Transylvania

  8. UnitedSpacecowboys says:

    Hail Brothers from Germany!

  9. gheale says:

    asta vreau sa vad :D \m/

  10. gheale says:

    asa :D sa ne adunam toti ! \m/

  11. vivirty says:

    Hail brother of metal across the world keep banging your heads

  12. MattFrancoGH3 says:

    EUA? 2º Manowar!!
    BRASIL3º Angra hehe
    4º Massacration!
    EUA:5ºGun’s roses!

  13. AirsoftVaasa says:

    Hail From Finland!!!!!!!!

  14. 0Snow0Tiger0 says:

    92% of all teenagers moved to hip-hop and rap. copy and paste this if your one of the 8% that love metal and will say that way.

    I’m a teenager but I HATE hip-hop and rap!!! And I will die for heavy metal!!!
    Hail from Russia!!!

  15. Fanatikas8 says:

    Hail from Lithuania! \\m//

  16. pokojnybojovnik says:


  17. bakaxkristinex says:

    manowar fucking rocks HELL yea

  18. Arnaldo301287 says:

    Hail from Italy!

  19. HumanitySuffer says:

    thats a little over the top, dying for metal…
    unless you mean it in a metaphorically way, but still

    but hey, its cool that you feel so greatly for metal

  20. haidls says:

    rap and hip-hop have been imported by the immigrants people from magrheb and turkey , they are killing our europeen culture!!! LISTEN METAL!!!

  21. mandarxk says:

    Hail From Brazil!!! ! ! !

  22. naruhinafan6667 says:

    Hail From Mexico!!!!!!!!

  23. thephilosopher777 says:

    hail from INDIA!!!!!!!

  24. andresindigo says:

    hail from Costa Rica!

  25. Savithebest93 says:

    Noob,the metal is a derivation of the jazz

    Jazz-Rock-Hardrock-Heavy metal

    So also the metal have no european origines

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