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“MASTODON are undoubtedly the future of metal” – KERRANG! “at that same cusp where METALLICA once perched, circa 1988’s ” And Justice For All. MASTODON is poised to rule the rock earth” – WASHINGTON POST / EXPRESS “MASTODON could be considered the second coming of Metallica and Rush combined, and nobody who’s seen them live could counter that opinion.” – Inarguably one of the most exciting new bands to form in the last ten years, MASTODON is an explosive, unbridled (more…)

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  1. Yeardleigh says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Devastaningly Heavy
    Yaoh, sweet you bounce we fight. But this album makes you want to say it like this: “you bounzeweefiiiet!”

  2. Cholena says:

    I for the first time on Mastodon, when her debut album “adoption” for the first time. So I went on amazon, and a few seconds of each sound and say that I was not impressed. I dismissed it as MTV metalcore garbage, just because they have been pushed in my face with other American groups like Chimaira and Killswitch Engage. It was hard not to clap that the stickers on them to see how I have not really heard what they had to offer. In any case, two years later, “Leviathan” was released, and the hype for this band began to grow even more. I was reluctant to cancel and “Leviathan”, after the video for “Iron Tusk” one night in television. So, after they “Leviathan” in my ears for a while the only thing I can imagine is “Mastodon, as I have you wrong!”
      I'm really glad that bands like this are still around come to the praise that they deserve. This means that bands that are not easy in a single genre category. Bands like these really are a dying breed in metal today, certainly there are some great bands, some of the great Death Metal, Black Metal, Thrash, etc., but it really does not help to progress the metal and give it a new and interesting ways . Bands like Clutch, Mastodon, Strapping Young Lad ABSU, Sunnen O))) Meshuggah, Opeth, Finntroll … And the list goes on still, but the point is that they are all something refreshing and new to the table.
      Well, on the review of the Mastodon “Leviathan”. The five-star rating is really a 4.5. Why is it a 4.5? Well, mostly because its a few small problems at the end of the album does not suffer enough to deserve a 4, so the 5-star rating. I also give them credit for the metal that almost anybody could like. You could, like virtually every type of metal or rock and still is. In my opinion, Mastodon (along with some other bands) is the embodiment of metal, its not in possession of all the negative labels, its easy to achieve and enjoy, but not for people with an attention span of 2 minutes. * Cough * Nu-Metal * cough *.
      My only beef with “Leviathan”: The production, while it is an improvement of “adoption” is not only its 100% better. (But, once you are bombarded by some of these deadly riffs, you will hardly notice.) Another beef I have “Hearts Alive”, its just too long for an album with 3 songs and 4 minutes. In do not say that its a bad song, its a great song. The only if you do not hear it, the album then 33minutes long 46th So, if you do not like it then your gonna have a shorter album then most people. I too have these problems are, as the only errors I could find, and they are not so great on its own to me. (As I said, I enjoy “Hearts Alive” and the production does not bother me … It can only interfere.)
      Well, since the problems I had with “Leviathan” have to move to the bottom that I like “Leviathan”. I'm a Sucker for a major concept album, I love it when an album follows a theme or a story. It makes the whole recording seems that much more memorable. The artwork on the cover and the booklet is incredibly good. And two big thumbs up to who did it.
      I do not understand why people do not like the vocals … I think that they people who are more in the vocal styles, the Judas Priest or Metallica. Please, if you are a fan of metal and not like the screaming / etc type of song you try your absolute hardest to like them on this plate. Since this may be a good “gateway” band for you, that by the end of May will take you on more unknown and amazing bands and genres of metal. You are missing in a sea of great music, and not only because it is not what it used to. The song is really not so difficult to enjoy, they're not death metal screams / growls / grunts, if you do not like the ones that you should enjoy “Leviathan”.
      The guitars are spectacular and the guys actually manage to see a few really unique and original riffs / sounds. Also not to be underestimated are the drums, they will blow your mind! Brann Dailor is an animal of a drummer. He uses a very un-conventional method of drums, the more jazz drums, then the usual blast beat ridden are. And all this while Troy Sanders all the cattle with his bass riffs. they sound more serious and monstrous. So until the end of this review I am only a few tracks that I thought were the strongest and there is a brief description of each.
      Some standout tracks are:
      .: Iron Tusk:.
      An amazing track that everything is made of metal should be. It has some great, crunching riffs while laced. This is my favorite track on the entire album. Apparently this video was banned on MTV because they are the guys who swing around with hooks through the skin into the video. So today's lesson is that the people working there are complete tools MTV.
      .: Blood and Thunder:.
      A great opener for the record. Also sporting guest (singing) appearance by Neil Fallon of Clutch (2:15 to 2:55)
      .: I am Ahab.
      very good riffs, with some sound a little rockish Stoner. A good connection to blood and thunder.
      .: Naked Burn:.

  3. Lycoris says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Landmark Album that many consider Mastodon’s Magnum Opus
    In wake of Mastodon putting out their latest album, Crack The Skye, I thought I’d go back and offer my review of this album, seeing as this was the album that got me into Mastodon…

  4. Filia says:

    I think this title because, as Mastodon style of heavy metal reminds me of Coltrane-style jazz; chatoic and seamingly without a fixed form and pace, but still with a flow and style that compliments the music direction in a way that nothing else has been able to. Given how long was heavy for its strange to think that few, if any, bands have ever such an amazing work “free form” with their style as Mastodon has done. Not as a student of music, it is difficult for me to express in words why I came to this conclusion as a way to describe how much I think of Mastodon music, but unfortunately my words do not at this point. I love the music of Mastodon and their unique style is very refreshing and quite unknown.
      Some fans have at least commented that they like this album less than remission, the band the first LP on Relapse Records, because this album is so much more melodic and the vocals are clearer. Unlike many of these fans, I'm not a Metalhead, just a music fan, and the only reason I could see the bands more melodic sound and clear vocals as negative if they are not off and unplug it. If you right on them, this album sounds ten times better than remission, both in style and quality song. The theme itself is very impressive. Mastodon is essentially a rock opera written by species, a concetp album on Herman Melville's “Moby Dick”. The idea is very strange, to say the least, but the poetic images, Mastodon creates with her words, in addition to the artwork on the album cover and sleeve, and the epic sound, they all go hand in hand, that this a triumphant and monumental work of heavy-metal art. Her first album was more poeitc for me. This album rings out like an epic masterpiece, and I can not recommend enough. It has a beginning, middle and an end, and reminds me of a Led Zeppelin album – sure, you can select individual songs and they sound great, but play the album from beginning to end only emphasizes how incredible each and every song is by giving them all together in a linear and cohesive composition of the work. I can not recommend this album enough.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This review is from: Leviathan (Audio CD) Perhaps this is not a form of music is better suited to the story of _Moby Dick_ than metal. Dealing with whales, ships, water, and intangibles such as obsession and revenge, the theme is pretty difficult. Projecting this history, American metal band Mastodon unleashes _Leviathan_. Probably the best thing you can say about is that it is an epic that creeps on you. Even listening to it abstractly, one slowly begins to realize hethe brilliant intuition behind the musical flow. There is a feeling of great satisfaction when the last track is playing, the feeling that most cut album to create.
      Although its namesake in terms of severity lumberjacking, Mastodon is a handy animal from its lively rhythms and tight metal to Brann Dailor Fusion-esque drums. Aggressive vocals are familiar with the raging waves hulking riffs with harmonic sophistication, and some surprisingly melodic parts without excuse. And they are made of metal through and through, with hints of meat, blood-dripping riffs heavy enough to liquefy some heads.
      The best song is the highlight, “Hearts Alive”, which manipulates very impressive atmosphere to orchestrate the dreadful fate of the unstoppable crush on his 13 minutes, and all with stunning riffs not less. The album is somewhat uneasy with an electric-acoustic instrumental, “Joseph Merrick”.
      I am reviewing the “deluxe” edition which comes with a bonus DVD with live tracks and some parts of _Leviathan_ mixed in 5.1 surround. The additional musical functions are probably more useful for other … I am strictly interested Deluxe Edition amazingly sexy Jewel Case. If you value the aesthetic side of the CD packaging, which is to have.

  6. Anonymous says:

    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Is this Metal?
    It seems that nowadays all sort of noisy and yelled music has to be simply labeled as “Heavy Metal” (maybe music critics are in need of some professional help, as a librarian or a…

  7. Luz says:

    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Bought by mistake
    This was an album I bought by mistake thinking it was John Elefante’s band. I’t wasn’t and I didn’t like it. Too much anger and hate.

  8. Cybille says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Appropriate that a whale is the subject of much of this albums focus because Mastodon’s sound is as massive as a whale.

  9. Anonymous says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Just Incredible
    Never before have I heard a band do anything like what is on this album. Wielding interweaving time signatures and style changes that are beyond complex, Mastodon have created a…

  10. Basma says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Better than Slayer
    Mastodon sets a new standard for excellence in metal. For those of you that hated nu-metal and rap-metal and wished for a return to the golden age of thrash, BUY THIS ALBUM.

  11. Wind says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A True Masterpiece…
    ‘Leviathan’ is an incredible excursion into a world of dense riffage, odd-time signatures and time changes, unconventional song structures, rich rhythmic textures, and of course a…

  12. Raheem says:

    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Great music – Cookie Monster Vocals
    The music is great, however, they failed to give Cookie Monster credit on the liner notes for his vocal contributions to the album.

  13. Psyche says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Sea sickness never felt so good.
    You know, for years now, I’ve been wondering WHEN will a heavy metal band make an album based on the book, Moby Dick? And I’ve been waiting.

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