Melodic & Symphonic Black Metal Bands Part 2

Tracklist Bishop of Hexen – The Somber Grounds of Truth Cor Scorpii – Fall of Man Followbane – Breath of Sea Apostasy – Sulphur Infection Old Man’s Child – War of Fidelity Daemonicium – My Farewell …

25 responses to “Melodic & Symphonic Black Metal Bands Part 2”

  1. 6FiveNails6 says:

    I’m into brutal and technical death metal, Norwegian black metal, just getting into symphonic black metal, and I like Type O Negative. I think that every kind of music has its time to be played and though symphonic black metal is more musical and beautiful than the originators of this genre, Norwegian black metal really captures the cold, desolate, tortured atmosphere that the bands were going for. Death metal captures the pain, anger, and psychosis of its lyrical themes. It depends on your mood

  2. Wrathbringer2010 says:

    interesting comment…..

  3. demolisher90 says:

    man am really supporting u symphonic black and melodic are so much better than normal black …symphonic is really awsome Dimmu borgir \m/

  4. Wyndrax says:

    People usually don’t understand that symphonic metal is far better than “normal” metal. No matter if it’s power, black or death metal. Symphonic elements are always great.

  5. Mypetsghost says:

    Yeah i agree. The symphonic elements gives a song more atmosphere

  6. MistressFilth says:

    Search Torsofuck raped by elephants, irrelevant to this music style but it’s just really brutal and hilarious.

  7. rgh86corpse says:

    fuck you

  8. devddill says:

    Old Man’s Child… thats some good stuff

  9. Muffinz525 says:

    Exactly :) .

  10. shamaynaise11 says:

    Thank you very much blackhalo666 for uploading this. Never knew so many great symphonic metal bands were out there. Its people like you that spread great music to the world.

  11. blackhalo666 says:

    You’re welcome \m/

  12. ManofWar55 says:

    Thanks a lot for making these videos!! Can you recommend me some more Melodic Black Metal that is similar to Catamenia?

  13. Anders039 says:

    Great opener. Bishop of Hexen’s new album is a gem.

  14. brutaldeathsantosh21 says:

    worms of sabnock! they hail all the way from UK

  15. ManofWar55 says:

    Ok I’ll check them out!

  16. heydudemansup says:


  17. scata99 says:

    Most of the “true” black metal sounds like bad and rough to me, I prefer the black metal with symphonic sounds because I like that balance of brutality with beauty.

  18. morganix007 says:

    I need bands similar to Arthemesia, (Dusk and Her Embrace & From The Cradle To Enslave era) COF, anyway something with great symphonies sound and high pitch shrieks.
    Arthemesia Fucking rules!!!

  19. SchyteOFBODOM says:

    can any1 recommend me on a band simialr to EToS?

  20. britmetal says:

    lol bishop of hexen sounds nutty

  21. Valkoisen says:

    maybe wintersun….

  22. Apocalp7ica says:

    Kalmah, Skyfire?

  23. pablobiogeo says:

    anorexia nervosa

  24. Leeches93 says:

    Cor Scorpii, reminds me of old Children of Bodom (IneartheD)

  25. sebasroldanvasco says:


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