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  1. Xarles says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    I was really impressed with their newest release. I’ve seen these guys twice now and their show is nothing but mind numbing.

  2. Rishelle says:

    Let me just say this now: You need this album, while the lyrics.
      The first time I have in my car Obzen yesterday, I was bitterly disappointed. Most of the reviewers are touting this album as a return to classic Meshuggah, and how it is for this reason. It is as if Meshuggah is coasting on its reputation, as old people in a nursing home, which occasionally take a break vaudeville routine perfected it back in'34. You know, like the Rolling Stones. That is how I heard it also, at first – as Chaosphere II By the time the game stopped, I was so sick of the “Daaaaa BA, BA-Da-Da-BEE-BA DAAA” licks that I was ready , here and write a two-star review, that this album not only suck, but that they Chaosphere retroactively ruined for me as well.
      A little birdie told me “no. Sleep on it. “That is what I have, and today they play in my room, and together with the texts, this mother began to bloom and open. I do not just mean Obzen grew on me. I think it's as if I hear two completely different albums from one day to the next. Obzen is not a retread, but another push forward. Meshuggah Each album has a “hook” some radical innovations within the boundaries that it for themselves. Here it is the way the music responds and interacts with the words, stanza by stanza, and sometimes line by line, almost like a grueling opera. When a song on Chaosphere is entirely to the music, so that it eventually to a rhythmic shift that Feel like a trapdoor opens beneath the feet, so that you are a sick, nauseous, dizziness, and the words are only means To this end, here is the exact opposite – Tomas Haake texts generate the musical material. You can only by cracking the lyric sheet, like much in comparison-down and simple they are.
      This means Obzen is delicate, the more dense, more micro-detailed, less than a grand effect per song, and more about the constant changes with a cumulative impact. A concept album about the human spirit under the closure of the extreme pressures lies and confusion and “see the light” of the New Age, Kabbalah, Buddhism, whatever – the title seems to be a combination of “Oblivion” and “Zen” – - Obzen the subject matter is somewhat different than the earlier albums, with more on the nihilistic philosophy to a la Nietzsche or Deleuze and Guattari. But this New Age bodysnatching issue is troubling, because it happens to all, it's not something that is hopelessly doctoral do for themselves. Even without the help of the texts one of the first things you'll notice on this album is the Oriental trippy guitar lick that sounds like a koto, that I call the “hidden melody” of Obzen, after the line in the ” Dancers to a discordant system “:” Listen to the hidden melody / The essence is in the Annex. “These hidden melody is played first in Dead Space in” Electric Red “at 4:04, returns in” Bleed “, this time as part of the musical fabric, in 3:38, and then insinuates itself into the DNA of a whole song: “pineal gland optics” where the illusion fully takes hold, “A Judas syndrome in effect, even the former fraudster,” Jens Kidman screams as the reason for this is turned on its head.
      The rest of the album tells the story of how this madness will seduce the protagonist of the Obzen, by a very subtle kind of word-painting. The two-guitar attack of the opening 20 seconds of “Bleed” sounds like an infrared beam sweeping a room, so when Kidman enters with “carrier of fire sweep through my head,” we can subconsciously relate. The totality of the “Electric Red” is a collection of effects, all together on the line “The Scarlet flood inundates our powerless thoughts” – the song is like a flood of gaining momentum. “Lethargica 'lives up to its title as the slow, lumbering track on the album. “This Spiteful Snake” is the best example of what I'm talking about the obvious serpentine riff kicks it out. In the row “trapping us in the winding / Closing malignant cycles” Haake Whack his pelvis to evoke a vicious chatterer. If Kidman says, “overcome, defeated” You hear the music stop and lose confidence. At 3:16 we get a solo that sounds like a snake-charmer flute, right before dark and triumphant re-entry at 4.15, the hidden melody. This bleeding right into the “pineal gland optics,” which, as I said earlier, is the lynchpin of the album in which the hidden melody shows his true face, no longer hide. Lucifer – who's your opinion, was it? – Does the shadow adores his new world of dumbed-down freaks, in all its strange, twisted ugliness, without the need for the stand-ins or proxies.
      Obzen closes with the ten-minute epic “Dancers to a discordant system” Evocation of a controlled chaos of the world, leaves you exhausted and shaking. And I have not even on the two “simple” songs, “Combustion” and the title track. The latter is the most brutal songs on the album, but also because of its simplicity, the relaxing. You do not have to stretch your contemplation of Gothic architecture. As the music of Merzbow is violent and soothing, that I imagine this “elegant” human victims in Logan's Run, where people float in the air too zapped to the approval of a degraded, brainwashed mob who believe they're watching art . Civilized murder – peaceful slaughter – without resistance, not even mentally – “Obzen.”
      I do not know how to do Meshuggah. How is it possible all this in the music, and not only that, but Express within the self-imposed straitjacket of their timeworn formula, their classic sound, the dreaded “Ba-Da-Da Bee”? There's Ba-Bee-Since the DNA of the music, it could be in service to express what? It is obvious that the first way. So I must beg to be with the other long-winded reviewer: Meshuggah Obzen IS the coronation, at least until next time

  3. Lyall says:

    1.0 out of 5 stars
    The lyrics of these songs are IMMERSED IN FILTH as the title song says. SALVATION FOUND IN VOMIT AND BLOOD is depravity. Keep these kinds of lies out of your brain.

  4. Naeva says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    You will never hear metal this heavy and technical. Period.
    I’m fairly new to Meshuggah. I own Obzen, Chaosphere and Destroy Erase Improve.

  5. Oraefo says:

    Somerset Maugham once wrote that there are two types of artists in the world. A kind of artists with their emotions rather be poured. Another type of artists to create artwork by using their brains. Swedish metal Meshuggah are precisely the kinds of artists. It is, therefore, that Meshuggah status in metal is so divided. You are not swarm you through a gust of emotion. They grab you by a hollow dam of the multiple time signatures, complex texts, and not what choirs. After the 21-minute long “I” and the 44 minutes gigantic “Catch 33″, Meshuggah once again without mercy on their last album, ObZen. Ladies and gentlemen, you brace for what you are to hear, because you might not be back.
      ObZen starts in an unusual way. Meshuggah known for their technical skills, you start an album with a straight Thrasher. On hearing of their party, the Meshuggah guys that they just wanted an old school 80's thrash songs. The first thing you notice about this album is that it sounds like the guys really enjoy this album. Meshuggah is never to please the masses and ObZen is no different. The biggest sale on ObZen is the amount of diversity. “incineration” and “pineal gland optics show an organic thrash sound. Chaosphere fans drool over the seven minutes Bleed, heavier than you title track, and the frenetic “Pravus”. Nothing in great style, Meshuggah still knows how to hypnotize listeners with the apocalyptic Jammer “Electric Red”, “Lethargica” and “This Spiteful Snake. Each song really out on its own, including my favorite Meshuggah album (nothing) does not say.
      If there is a notion Meshuggah fans were tired of, it was the drumkit from Hell. Admittedly, Catch 33 was such a guitar dominated album Tomas, that the inclusion of the drums had a waste of time. But many people balked at the idea that such a talented musician could be omitted from an album. Fear no more, Tomas Haake returns to the top in great style. Tomas once again proves that he is better than you. Never a band to shy stimulating texts, ObZen the lyrical focus is on the basis of a society to find harmony through chaos and destruction. Another crazy, check for the Catch 33 is released. Jens Kidman delivers his greatest vocal performance yet. It is fascinating to see such a singer in metal is not wither away, like some other prominent singers coughTomArayacough * *. At this point in his career, what is Fredrick Throndel not able to do at this point? He has what it is, a metal with jazzy guitar solos and complex rhythms. He and Mårten Hagström deliver the goods again with Outros, so amazing that he wanted one or they could hear the end of the first songs. However, I must say that ObZen could be the first album that Meshuggah I was not thrilled by Fredrick solos. Perhaps Marten underlying rhythms are just more fun this time around. Either way, the guys have once again shown why they should be divided to the most metal fans.
      Meshuggah ObZen not the coronation, and it is not to change how a person feels about Meshuggah. Fans of the earlier sound is through the songs more song structure of the album, but if you hate Meshuggah, chances … You probably still will not, as in this case. ObZen is just a great album of a band that was unique metal in a sometimes stale genre. I hope to hear some new material on the CU LaTour Ministry with this spring. After all, it is not enough that this band not to be something as horrible as Diabolus en Musica or St. Anger?
      P.S. As Meshuggah Fanboy, I must write that this is probably a 4 to 4.5 degrees is for the album. I have 5 to over-compensation for the flood of 1-star reviews, which are required to appear. I wonder why people reviewing bands and albums that they already know they hate …

  6. Nuncio says:

    How many fans I Meshuggah with their fantastic climax EP “I”, the epitome of everything they had on their polyrhythmic math metal approach, and with their highly experimental follow-up album, “Catch Thirty Three “I was sure that their glory days were behind them. I was mistaken. With “Obzen” It is an amazing infusion of groove in every track, seamlessly infusing this new direction with their already jaw-dropping, the Progressive Metal Time Signatures. Influences of bands like Tool and Mastodon often come to mind in this recording, the album “Lateralus” and “Leviathan” in particular. The result Meshuggah is the best and certainly the most memorable album yet. Every song sticks with power and precision, while all feel that parts of the ingenious machinery together in a dynamic creation. Highly recommended.

  7. Anonymous says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    an album you’ll go crazy for
    the band Meshuggah’s name means crazy in Hebrew. this band sounds like it went to college and graduated with a degree in Metal.

  8. Anonymous says:

    3.0 out of 5 stars
    You need to be a fan.
    First off I’m not a prior fan of Meshuggah. I’ve heard the name many times but before obZen I never got around to giving them a spin.

  9. Nelia says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Their Best
    Ok, no song can ever top Future Breed Machine for me, but this album as a whole is easily their best.

  10. Jennyl says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Not for everyone
    If you enjoy a catchy tune that gets stuck in your head the first time you hear it… If you enjoy simple, 3 1/2 minute tracks you can hum along with, you will despise this album…

  11. Emerson says:

    2.0 out of 5 stars
    I Just Don’t Get Meshuggah
    Meshuggah have been constructing the same riffs since their career started. The polyrhythmic riffs they bring to the table are immediately impressive, especially for the…

  12. Hung says:

    1.0 out of 5 stars
    I got this album because it was advertised on the In Flames album Sense of Purpose page. That was a mistake.

  13. Irem says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A potent display of pure musicianship. A prayer in madness this is.
    If you’ve never heard Meshuggah before, and haven’t experienced their unique style, my first recommendation is this: don’t start your experience with this album.

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