album: "Frost And Fire" (1981)

Frost And Fire
I'm Alive
A Little Fire
What Does It Take
Edge Of A Knife
Better Off Dead
Maybe That's Why

album: "King Of The Dead" (1984)

Atom Smasher
Black Machine
Master Of The Pit
King Of The Dead
Death Of The Sun
Finger Of Scorn
Toccata In Dm
Cirith Ungol

album: "One Foot In Hell" (1986)

Blood And Iron
Chaos Descends
The Fire
100 Miles Per Hour
War Eternal
Doomed Planet
One Foot In Hell

album: "Paradise Lost" (1991)

Join The Legion
The Troll
Heaven Help Us
Before The Lash
Go It Alone
Chaos Rising
Fallen Idols
Paradise Lost

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