album: "Fire Burns In Our Hearts" (1999)

Clandestine Blaze
Anti-Christian Warfare
Native Resistance
Children Of God
Killing The Waste Flesh
Icons Of Torture

album: "On The Mission" (1999 7")

On The Mission
Tearing Down Jerusalem

album: "Night Of The Unholy Flames" (2000)

Cross Of Black Steel
Night Of The Unholy Flames
Invisible Death
There's Nothing...
Aikakausi On Lyhyt
Future Lies In Hands Of The Strong

album: "Fist Of The Northern Destroyer" (2002)

Fist Of The Northern Destroyer
Praising The Self
Doll Of Darkness
Ribs Of Virgin
There Comes The Day...
Goat - Creative Alienation
I Have Seen...

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