album: "Eternal Emperor" (1998 EP)

Where Darkness Cannot Reach
Symphony of Moonlight
Eternal Emperor
The Final Battle

album: "The Covenant Progress" (2003)

Mist Of The Spiritual Dimension
The Pilgrimage
Path Of Pain
Thy Wilderness
Eternal Emperor (Revised Version)
A Painting In Dark
Eyes Of Beauty
A Thorn In My Heart
The Covenant

album: "Veil Of Remembrance" (2004)

Intimations Of Everlasting Constancy
Painful Mind Contradiction
Embraced By The Beauty Of Cold
The Echoes Of Thought
My Grief, My Remembrance
The Cold Grip Of Terror
Illusions Was True Beauty
Contemplations Along The Way
Reflections Upon The Distress And Agony Of Faith

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