album: "World Of Black And Silver" (1999)

Interstellar War
Gods Of The World
Winds Of The Free
The Power Behind The Throne
The Dragon's Lair
Eyes Of The Forrest Gloom
Rage Of The Sea
Victims Of Frozen Hate
Extreme Paranoia
Glory Ride
World Of Black And Silver
Another Race (Demo Version)

album: "In Silence They March" (2000)

Time Flight
Cursed And Damned
Sons Of Odin
The Grim Reaper's Fate
The Undead King
In Silence They March
Adrian Blackwood
Witch Hunter
The Rising
Knights Of Prey
Somewhere Over The Sun

album: "Vengeance Descending" (2003)

Vengeance Descending
Highland Revenge
Child Of Rock
Mr. Failure
Dream Chaser
The Wizard's Apprentice
Metal Crusade
The Beast In Velvet
Heart Of The Mountain
Oblivion In The Visionary World

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