album: "Shadowland" (1999)

Dragon Into The Fire
Calling On The wind
Magic Land
Time Is The Avenger
Born In The Dark
The King's Sword
The Call

album: "Hall Of The Olden Dreams" (2000)

The Ceremony
Somewhere In Dreams
Maid Of Orleans
Bells Of Notre Dame
Silver Lake
Mortal Sin
The Sound Of The Blade
Beyond The Fire
Quest For The Eternal Fame
Hand In Hand

album: "The Fall Of Melnibone" (2001)

The Fall Of Melnibone
Silver Lake
Wood Song
Halloween (Helloween)
Cuentos De Ayer Y De Hoy (Ņu)

album: "The Gates Of Oblivion" (2002)

In The Heart Of Stone
A New World
The Gates Of Oblivion
Starsmaker (Elbereth)
Mist In The Twilight
By The Stange Path Of Destiny
The Night Of The Age
Your Simphony
The Citadel Of The Light
A Truth Of Me
Dies Irae (Amadeus)
Mystery Of Goddess

album: "Between Light And Darkness" (2003)

From Dusk To Dawn
A Lament Of Misery
Echoes Of The Sea
Mistery Of Goddess
The Shadow Of The Nile
Dies Irae
The Fall Of Melnibone

album: "Dark Moor" (2003)

Life For Revenge
The Bane Of Daninsky, The Werewolf
Philip The Second
From Hell
Cyrano Of Bergerac
Attila Overture
Wind Like Stroke
Return For Love
Amore Venio
The Ghost Sword
The Dark Moor

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