album: "Rated-X" (1995)

Black Semen Vengeance
Killing Spree
Narcissistic Sleighride
Unleash My Hunger
Razor Tongue
I'm The Love Undertaker
As A Wolf

album: "High On Blood" (1997)

Robber Of Life
Razor Divine
Experience The Flesh
Raised On Human Sin
Humanity Feeds On Filth

album: "III" (1999)

Ripped, Raped, Randomized
Compulsive Urge To Kill
Consume, Excrete, Dwell
Laugh At Human Tragedies
I Thrive On Suffering
Death Tripping
Thrill Kill
Vermin Of A Sewer World
Through The Realm Of Torture
Icon Of Murder

album: "Plainfield Cemetary" (2003)

Beaten, Raped, Fuckin Left To Die
Stab And Hack
Mutilate And Dump You
We Lure And Abduct
God Is Dead
Imbecile Humans Drag Her Out To Die
Suffering The Sweet Suffering
Roadside Rendezvous
Deviant Dead

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