album: "Overlords Of The Greying Dawn" (1998)

Overlords Of The Greying Dawn
Black Horde Of Blasphemy
When Darkness Lasts Forever
Descending The Shadowed Passage To Nocturnal Realms
Medieval Spirits From The Seven Gates
The Oracle Of Eternal Doom
Alongside Subconscious Souls Of Eternity
Unseen Reflections Of Interdimensional Transfixions
Beneath The Dismal Aura Of Stormfog
Cryptic Chasms Shroud The Everdark

album: "The Highest Of All Dark Powers" (1999 MCD)

The Highest Of All Dark Powers
The Breath Of A Thousand Cold Voices
Embodiment By Candlelight
Descending The Shadowed Passage To Noctural Realms

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