album: "Violence And Force" (1984)

Violence & Force
Scream In The Night
Pounding Metal
Evil Sinner
Swords Of Darkness
Delivering To The Master
Saxons Of The Fire
War Is Hell

album: "Long Live The Loud" (1985)

Fall Out
Long Live The Loud
I Am The Beast
Victims Of Sacrifice
Beyond The Gates Of Doom
Sudden Impact
Born To Die
Wake Up Screaming

album: "Unveiling The Wicked" (1986)

Break Down The Walls
Die In The Night
(I Hate) School Rules
Shout It Out
Invasion / Waiting In The Dark
Living Evil
Live Fast, Die Young
Mission Destroy

album: "O.T.T." (1988)

Scream Bloody Murder
Back In The Light
Ready To Rock
I Wanna Be King
Enemy Lines
Dying To Live
Playin' With Fire
Eyes In The Sky

album: "Kill After Kill" (1992)

Rain Of Terror
No Life No Future
Cold Blooded Murder
Smashin 'Em Down
Shadow Of The Cross
Dog Eat Dog
Anger, Hate And Destruction
The Second Coming
Born To Kill (Live)

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