album: "Horizon's Fall" (1997)

In Portraits Of Shadowed Life
Frostmaiden's Veil
As I Wither Away
Witches Dance
Reverie's Night
My Beloved
When Stormclouds Gather...
Hämärän Kutsu
Talven Tahdon Jaavan
Dark Oceans Calm
With All My Sorrows

album: "Blood Will Follow Blood" (2000 MCD)

...Kun Veri Peittää Maan
Blood Will Follow Blood
Daughter Of The Storm

album: "Where Angels Dwell No More" (2001)

Suicidal Rites
Silver Moon Child
Faerghail (Where Angels Dwell No More)
Summer Sadness
Horizons Fall
Behind A Sinful Shade
Strife For Blood
Dying Memories
In The Arms Of A Nightmare
Masked For Death

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