album: "War Of Words" (1993)

Into The Pit
Life In Black
War Of Words
For All Eternity
Jesus Saves
Nailed To The Gun
Immortal Sin
Laid To Rest
Little Crazy
Kill It
Reality, A New Beginning

album: "Mutations" (1994)

Into The Pit (Live)
Freewheel Burning (Live)
War Of Words (Bloody Tongue Mix)
Vicious (Middle Finger Mix)
Little Crazy (Straight Jacket Mix)
Nailed To The Gun (Live)
Little Crazy (Live)
Kill It (Dutch Death Mix)
Immortal Sin (Tolerance Mix)

album: "A Small Deadly Space" (1995)

I Am Alive
Legacy Of Hate
Never Again
Gretna Greene
Human Crate
Psycho Suicide
Blowout In The Radio Room
Small Deadly Space
Beneath The Violence
In A World Of My Own Making
Acid Test

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