album: "Destined For Defilement" (1997)

Burning Your World
Chamber Of Obscurity
Sordid Degradation
Rape Culture
Lurid Impurity
Organ Harvest
Frozen In A Voiceless Scream
Litany Of Murder

album: "The Seeds Of Abysmal Torment" (2000)

Destroying Your Will
Desire For Control
Monarch Of Misery
Disdain The Mournful
The Deviating Ceremonies
Hatred Embodied
Seas Of Harrow
A Legion Of Illusions
The Supreme Art Of Derangement
Hogtied And Hatefucked

album: "Murder Without End" (2003)

Murder Without End
Duct Taped And Raped
Enslaved To My Wrath
Displayed Decay
Perversion Of Innocence
In Sickness Intertwined
Libertine Atonement
Holy Pedophile

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