album: "Grindgod" (1999)

Daemonic Exordium...
Perverted Intention
Exhumed Brutality
Evil Odium
Doomed Glorification Of Blasphemy
A Piece Of Flesh
Beautiful Enough To Kill
Kazdy Z Nas
Art Of Horrification
Death And Dying
...Final Desolation
Free Off Pain

album: "Abhorrence Of Cadaveric" (2000)

Blood Of Whore
The Pain Is A Domain
Hate Is Much You Can
Abhorrence Of Cadaveric
A Dank Smell Of Rotting Ovulation
Kdyz Ti Sviti Zelena

album: "Nice To Eat You" (2001)

Nice To Eat You
The BOdy Bag Blues
Culture Meat
Noise Part III
Red Stars Hypocrisy
Where's Mine Resurrection
Defy The Fear
A Roadkill Recipe
Breathe And Bleed

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