album: "The Rebirth Of The Middle Ages" (1996 MCD)

Introduction to the Middle Ages - Hymn for the Black Knights
Preparing for the Final Battle - From the Castle in the Fog
On the Way to the Battlefield - Path to the Unholy Frozen Empire
The Final Battle - Blood on My Swordblade
The Triumph - The Neverending Reign of the Black Knights

album: "The End Of The World" (1998)

The End Of The World
The Inner Pain
Down Under Ground
Following The Funeral Path
Day Of Suffering
Nothing Left But Silence
Still Alive
Waste Of Time
De Profundis

album: "Deliverance" (2000)

Nothing Is Sacred
At Dusk
When All Hope Is Gone
Dust To Dust
Far My Days Are Vanity
I Am A Stranger In The Earth

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