album: "In Our World Revisited" (1996)

I'd Like To Know
Bloodbath In Heaven
In Our World
Gardeners Of Pain
Cradle Of The Night
Disturbing The Brain
Fight The Light
Staring At The Rain
Pay No More
Lethal Liar
This Could Be Heaven
Rain Of Death
Madly Alive

album: "The Dead Ringer" (1997)

Unsung Hero
Holy Screen
You Won't Live Eternally
The Clown
They Are Gone
Dead As The Night
The Age Of The Quick Fix
No More War
United We Stand, Divided We Fall

album: "Snakes And Ladders" (2000)

Ad Patres
The Pardoner
Hail To You
Save Your Life
Confidence Man
Far From The Cradle
On The Verge Of Tears
Fool's Paradise
The Eternal Struggle
Behind The Curtain

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