album: "Heir Of Power" (1999)

Overture in B min
Through the Wind
Will of a King
Stone Shaped Minds
The Eclipse
Burning Desire
Bloodwar in Heaven
Land of Eternal Ice
Sand in the Wind

album: "When the Aurora Falls..." (2000)

When The Aurora Falls...
...Don't Kill Me Again
Frozen Heaven
We Are Gods
All I Want
Perpetual Fury
Le Rouge Et Le Noir (I'm My Worst Enemy)
Tears Of Darkness
You'll Never Be Lonely

album: "Breath Of Eternity" (2002)

Atlantis Part I: "Beneath A Silent Sky"
Atlantis Part II: "The Dreamer And The Deep Ocean"
Stream Of Illusions
Dream Chaser
Back From Hell
Show Me Your Kingdome
Follow Me
Breath Of Eternity
Phoenix's Fire
Moonlight Romance
Pegasus Fantasy

album: "Medusa's Coil" (2004)

Medusa's Coil
Far From The Light Of God
Scarlet Tears
Dancing With Destiny
Where My Hero Lies
Your Story Too
The Hand Of God

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