album: "Dawn Of Possession" (1991)

Into Everlasting Fire
Despondent Souls
Dawn Of Possession
Those Left Behind
Internal Decadence
No Forgiveness (Without Bloodshed)
Burial Ground
After My Prayers
Fall In Disease

album: "Stepping On Angels...Before Dawn " (1995)

Relentless Torment
Rigor Mortis
Warriors Of Doom
Dawn Of Possession
Internal Decadence
Burial Ground
Despondent Souls
Infectious Blood
Despondent Souls ('90)
Burial Ground (Live)
Infectious Blood (Live)
Immolation (Live)
Despondent Souls (Live)
Dawn Of Possession (Live)

album: "Here In After" (1996)

Nailed To Gold
Burn With Jesus
Here In After
I Feel Nothing
Away From God
Towards Earth
Under The Supreme
Christ's Cage

album: "Failures For Gods" (1999)

Once Ordained
No Jesus, No Beast
Failures For Gods
God Made Filth
Stench Of High Heaven
Your Angel Died
The Devil I Know

album: "Close To A World Below" (2000)

Higher Coward
Father You're Not A Father
Furthest From The Truth
Fall From A High Place
Unpardonable Sin
Lost Passion
Put My Hand Into The Fire
Close To A World Below

album: "Unholy Cult" (2002)

Of Martyrs & Men
Sinful Nature
Unholy Cult
Wolf Among The Flock
Reluctant Messiah
A Kingdom Divided
Rival The Eminent
Bring Them Down

album: "Harnessing Ruin" (2005)

Swarm Of Terror
Our Saviour Sleeps
Challenge The Storm
Harnessing Ruin
Dead To Me
Son Of Iniquity
My Own Enemy
Crown The Liar
At Mourning's Twilight

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