album: "Impellitteri" (1987 EP)

Lost In The Rain
Play With Fire
I'll Be Searching

album: "Stand In Line" (1988)

Stand In Line
Since You've Been Gone
Secret Lover
Tonight I Fly
White And Perfect
Goodnight And Goodbye

album: "Grin And Bear It" (1992)

When The Well Runs Dry
Ball And Chain
Wake Up Sally
Power Of Love
Under The Gun
Endless Nights
City's On Fire
Grin And Bear It

album: "Victim Of The System" (1993 EP)

Victim Of The System
Visual Prison
Cross To Bear
The Young And The Ruthless

album: "Answer To The Master" (1994)

The Future Is Black
Fly Away
I'll Wait
Hold The Line
Something's Wrong With The World Today
Answer To The Master
Hungry Days
The King Is Rising

album: "Screaming Symphony" (1996)

Father Forgive Them
I'll Be With You
Walk Away
Kingdom Of Light
Countdown To The Revolution
17th Century Chicken Pickin'
Rat Race
For Your Love
You Are The Fire

album: "Fuel For The Fire" (1997 EP)

Fuel For The Fire
Stand Or Fall
Tears In The Eyes Of The World

album: "Eye Of The Hurricane" (1998)

Eye Of The Hurricane
Shed Your Blood
Fuel For The Fire
Bleed In Silence
Master Of Disguise
On And On
Everything Is You
Kingdom Fighter
Stand Or Fall
Tears In The Eyes Of The World

album: "Crunch" (2000)

Beware Of The Devil
Turn Of The Century
Speed Demon
Wake Me Up
Spanish Fire
Slay The Dragon
Wasted Earth
Forever Yours
Texas Nuclear Boogie
Fear No Evil

album: "System X" (2002)

United We Stand
Perfect Crime
End Of The World
She's A Nightime Lover
Slow Kill
Why Do They Do That
Rock And Roll Heroes
Gotta Get Home
What Kind Of Sanity
Falling In Love With A Stranger

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