album: "Forever Blasphemy" (1998)

Majesty Of Fire
Spawned To Crush
Reaper In Black
The Pale Black Death
Forever Blasphemy
Of Unhallowed Blood
When The Vultures Left

album: "The Pestilent Plague" (2000)

The Apocalypse Division
Eternal Devastation
Ultimate Warfare
Torture Chamber
Demon Possession
The Pestilent Plague
Wolves Blood
Revelation Of Hell

album: "No Salvation" (2004)

Poison The Holy
No Salvation
Blood Runs From The Altar
Beast Of The Pentagram

album: "Nuclear Armageddon" (2004 MCD)

Prelude To Armageddon
Genocide (Remains Of Retaliation)
Whirlwinds Of Fire
The Final Doom
Ashes And Dust
Dawn Of Annihilation
Crucified...The Son Of A Whore
Attack, Kill, Destroy
Nuclear Armageddon

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