album: "Grim Reality" (1987)

Trampled To Death
Holidays Of Horror
Fritz Haarmann The Butcher
Evil Ole Soul
Harvey Glataman (Your Soul Will Forever Rot)
David Brom Took An Axe
I Need To Kill
Ultra Violent
Rat Man
Hey Laurie Dann
Patrick Purdy Killed Five And Wounded Thirty
Dr. Holmes (He Stripped Their Bones)
The Green River Murderer (He's Still Out There)
Funeral Home

album: "Gloom" (1989)

Serial Killer
Mr. Albert Fish (Was Children Your Favorite Dish?)
Mass Murder
Son Of Sam
Hot Rods To Hell
Ed Gein
Natural Disaster

album: "Sinister Slaughter" (1993)

Night Stalker (Richard Ramirez)
The Ted Bundy Song (Ted Bundy)
Sniper In The Sky (Charles Whitman)
Montreal Massacre (Mark Lupine)
Zodiac (Identity Unknown)
What The Hell Did You Do? (James Edward Pough)
The Boston Strangler (Albert De Salvo)
Mary Bell
Mary Bell (Part Two)
Killing Spree (Patrick Sherrill)
Is It Soup Yet? (Daniel Rakowitz)
White Hen Decapitator (Michael Bethke)
Howard Unrah (What Have You Done Now ?!)
Gacy's Lot (John Wayne Gacy)
There Was A Young Man Who Blew Up A Plane (Jack Gilbert Graham)
Vampire Of Dusseldorf (Peter Kurtin)
Shotgun Peterson (Christopher Peterson)
What's That Smell? (Jeffery Dahmer )
Edmond Kemper Had A Horrible Temper ( Edmond Kemper )
What The Heck Richard Speck; Eight Nurses You Wrecked!
Albert Was Worse Then Any Fish In The Sea (Albert Fish)

album: "Behind The Wall Of Sleep" (1994)

Behind The Wall Of Sleep
Slaughter Thy Poser
Freeze Dried Man

album: "Unabomber" (1999 EP)

The Unabomber
Ambassador Hotel
The Brain
David Brom Took An Axe
Dr Holmes He Stripped Their Bones
Ed Gein
Serial Killer

album: "Dahmer" (2000)

Dog Guts
In The Army Now
Grandmother's House
Blood Bank
Ambassador Hotel
Cup Of Coffee
Bath House
Jeffrey Dahmer And The Chocolate Factory
Apartment 213
Drill Bit Lobotomy
Jeffrey Dahmer Blues
Into The Toilet With You
Coming To Chicago
Scrub A Dub Dub
Media Circus
Temple Of Bones
Do The Dahmer
Christopher Scarver
Dahmer's Dead
The Brain

album: "Murder Metal" (2003)

Acid Bath Vampire (John George Haigh)
You're Dying To Be With Me (Dennis Nielsen)
Fatal Foot Fetish (Jerry Brudos)
The Hillside Stranglers (Angelo Buono & Kenneth Bianchi)
Dorthea's Dead Folks Home (Dorthea Puente)
The Iceman (Richard Kuklinski)
Poison (Graham Fredrick Young)
The Werewolf of Bedburg (Peter Stumpp)
Morbid Minister (Gary Heidnick)
The Wustenfeld Man Eater (Armin Meiwes)
Diary of Torture (Robert Berdella)
Jack The Ripper (Identity Unknown)
Fritz Haarmann der Metzger

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