album: "Final Holocaust" (1989)

Apocalyptic Warriors
Researchers Of Torturers
Sentenced For Life
War Of Attrition
Trained To Kill
Nearer To Death
Final Holocaust
Eternal Hate
The Day Of Massacra

album: "Enjoy The Violence" (1991)

Enjoy The Violence
Atrocious Crimes
Revealing Cruelty
Sublime Extermination
Agonizing World
Ultimate Antichrist
Gods Of Hate
Full Of Hatred
Seas Of Blood
Near Death Expirience

album: "Signs Of The Decline" (1992)

Evidence Of Abominations
Defying Man`S Creation
Baptized In Decadence
Mortify Their Flesh
Traumatic Paralyzed Mind
Excruciating Commands
Worlds Dies Screaming
Signs Of The Decline
Civilization In Regression
Full Frontal Assault

album: "Sick" (1994)

Twisted Mind
Madness Remains
Ordinary People
Closed Minded
Harmless Numbers
Lack Of Talk
Broken Youth
Can'T Stand
My Reality
Piece Of Real

album: "Humanize Human" (1996)

Need For Greed
Feel Unreal
My Only Friend
Mad To Be Normal
How Free Are You
Humanize Human
Zero Tolerance
Pay For My Tears

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