album: "Ecstasy Of Death" (1993)

There Is No God
Children Of Rape
Menstrual Blood Lust
First Blow-Job
Perverted Vengeance
I Shit On Your Grave
The Devil Made Me Do It
Bulimic Excretion
Orgasmic Euphoria
Finger Fuck Surprise
Poor Feminine Hygiene
Bow To The Penis-God
In You ... I Cum
Act Of Love
Anal Quickie / Act Of Hate
Cock-Rock Faggots
Septic Jesus
Orgasm Of Cardiac Arrest
Bloodbath Cleansing
Forced Into Submission
Meat Rabbit
Revenge On A World Full Of Cunts
Eat My Fuck
Hairless But Hard
Isolated And Gang Raped
Sex-Life (Dub Mix)
Cocaine Cunt Numb
Violent Outburst Of Sodomy
Elvis ... Is Still Dead
Manipulation Of Mankind
Fag Killer
Three Way Fuck
Would You Please Die?
Surgically Removed Vagina
Runaway Sex-Slave
Hermaphrodite Nightmare
Forbidden Fruit
Mental Midget
Ignorance... Is Bliss
She Never Says No
Ejaculation Evacuation
Don't Have A Nice Day
Disposal Of Human Garbage
Cum On Your Fucking Face
Excrement Infection Of The Male Urethra
A.C. (Anal Cunt)
Intelligence Refused
She Likes It Hard
Strenuous Fuck
F.B.M. (Fag Bashing Mania)
Bathe In Holy Excrement
Ecstasy Of Death
The End

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