album: "Landscape Symphonies" (1997)

A Landscape Symphony (Introduction)
Dark Clouds Rise Above The Kingdom
Destiny Calls
The Overture Of The Night
My Throne Of Wisdom
Infinite Dreams
I Will Not Forget... (Outro)

album: "Songs Of The Desolate Ones" (1999)

A Desolating Hymn
Kurgan Supremacy
Twilight Shore
Opaque Fortress
Moldavian Fires
Across Oceans Of Time
Northern Eternity

album: "Modern Instinct's Purity" (2001)

Prelude To Instinction
Killing Conscious
Galaxia - An Empire Beneath The Sun
First Death Introdus
Bastard Blood's Prosperity
My Enemy Divine
Conquer Self - Destruction

album: "Death Unveiled" (2003)

By Fiery Death Devoured
Cryosphere Trimension
Far Beyond Redemption
From End To End
Intoxicate The Sun
Stigmata (Seed Of Anti-Babylon)
Summon Primal Trinity
Whispering Shadows

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