album: "Imperial Doom" (1992)

Imperial Doom
Definite Inquistion
Vicious Mental Thirst
Immense Malignancy
Ceremonial Void
Burden Of Evil
Horror Infinity
The Final Cremation
Darkest Dream

album: "Millennium" (1996)

Fatal Millennium
Devious Instinct
Dream Messiah
Fragments Of Resolution
Manipulation Strain
Slaves And Masters
Mirrors Of Reason
Seize Of Change

album: "In Dark Purity" (1999)

The Hunt
Destroying Divinity
Shapeless Domination
The Angels Venom
All Souls Consumed
Dust To Dust
Suffering To The Conquered
The Eye Of Judgement
Perpetual War
Embraced By Apathy
Hymns Of Tragedy
In Dark Purity
The Pillars Of Drear
Angel Of Death

album: "Rise To Power" (2003)

The Exordium
Awaiting Armageddon
Wave Of Annihilation
The Fall Of Eden
Chemical Reaction
A Casket For The Soul
Rise To Power
Visions Of Violence
From Wrath To Ruin
Abysmal Gods
Shadow Of Obliteration

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