album: "Anden Som Gjorde Oppror" (1995)

En Mork Horisont
Visjoner Av Ev Eldgammel Fremtid

album: "Keiser Av En Dimension Ukjent" (1995)

Reisene Til Grotter Og Odemarker
Keiser Av En Dimension Ukjent

album: "The Writings Of Mortiis" (1997)

The Silver Sea
The Voice Of The Labyrinth, And...
Thoughts Of The Old Tower
One Thousand Sparkling Stars
An Old And Raped Village
The Vampire Planet

album: "The Stargate" (1999)

Child Of Curiosity And The Old Man Of Knowledge
I Am The World
World Essence
Across The World Of Wonders
(Passing By) An Old And Raped Village
Towards The Gate Of Stars
Spirit Of Conquest / The Warfare
Army Of Conquest / The Warfare (Ever Oonwards)

album: "The Smell Of Rain" (2001)

Scar Trek / Parasite God
Flux / Mental Maelstrom
Spirit In A Vacuum
You Put A Hex On Me
Everyone Leaves
Smell The Witch

album: "The Grudge" (2004)

Broken Skin
Way Too Wicked
The Grudge
Decadent & Desperate
The Worst In Me
Twist The Knife
The Lonliest Things
Le Petit Cochon Sordide

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