album: "Season Of The Dead" (1987)

Season of the Dead
Forbidden Pleasure
Bleeding Torment
Insane for Blood
Ancient Slumber
Mental Decay
Terminal Vision
Painful Discharge
Beyond and Back

album: "Holocausto De La Morte" (1998)

Embalmed Yet I Breathe
The Cross Burns Black
Deep Inside, I Plant The Devils Seed
Burning Moon Sickness
Cadaverous Screams Of My Deceased Lover
Children Of The Vortex
Hymns Of Divine Genocide

album: "Black Blood Vomitorium" (1999 EP)

And You Will Live In Terror
They Dwell Beneath
It Lives In The Woods
Black Blood Vomitorium

album: "Cannibal Holocaust" (2001 EP)

Cannibal Holocaust
Burning Moon Sickness
It Lives In The Woods
Baphomet Rises
Chainsaw Lust

album: "The Divine Art Of Torture" (2003)

Blaspheme The Body
Upon Frayed Lips Of Silence
Parasite Eve
Maim Attraction
Rue Morgue Disciple
The Sick Room
Conjuring The Unnamable
Flowers Of Flesh And Blood
The Divine Art Of Torture
Ze Do Caixao

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