album: "Blasphemy" (1999)

Moonlight Serenade
Of Demons And Witches (Part I)
Baphomet (In The Name Of...)
Reach The Jewel's Gleam
Of Demons And Witches (Part II)
Dressed In Mourning
The Horned Serpent
Crucify The Lambs Of Christ
Deny The Philosophy
Nailed Upon A Cross
Ode To The Horned Majesty

album: "Mistress Of The Night" (2001 DEMO)

Mistress Of The Night
Conquering What Once Was
Rape (The Virgin Mary)

album: "Demigod" (2002)

Prowling Sin
Fools Of Christ
Rape (The Virgin Mary)
Mistress Of The Night
The Awakening
March Of The Servants
Conquering What Once Was
Siesta In A-Minor
Ode II The Horned Majesty

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