album: "Melancholia" (1996)

In The Infinitely
The Path I Follow
The Dance Of Demons
The Undertaker
Possessive Thought
The Black Lake

album: "The Beauty Of Pain" (1997)

Autumn Is The Beauty Of Pain
Black Is The Sun Shining
Into The Great Inferno
A Mournful Bridge Over A River Of Tears
My Secret Garden

album: "As Life Fades Away" (1998)

Entering The Gate
The Birth Of My Funeral
I Die And Become
The Shadow Of Sorrow
Into The Vast Eternity
A Last Temptation

album: "Roses By Chaos Spawned" (1999)

Voices In The Night
A Bleeding Heart Of Desire
In Mortal Fear (Life & Death Part I)
The Arcane Epitaph
Ancient Despair
In Mortal Darkness (Life & Death Part II)
The Endless Spheres
A Cathedral For The Silent Dead

album: "Songs Of Despair" (2001)

God And Country
The Test Of Time
Phantasm Of Lost Existence
A Gate To Past Times
Ancient Wisdom Of The Forest
At Feasts Full Of Warm Blood

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