album: "Demo #1" (1994 DEMO)

Trata Fienders Andar
Sunless Domain
Behind The Horns

album: "Messenger Of The Northern Warrior Host" (1994 DEMO)

Sviarnir Koma
To The Land Beyond The Poisoned Sea
Through A Winter Landscape
Messenger Of The Northern Warrior Host

album: "I Vargens Tecken" (1995 MCD)

I Vargens Tecken (In The Sign Of The Wolf)
Offerkvall (Evening Of Sacrifice)

album: "The Battleroar" (1997 DEMO)

Walking Through Fire
The Battleroar
Awaiting Your Valkyries Arrival

album: "Stronger Than Steel" (1998)

Armed To The Teeth
Walking Through Fire
Beast Of The North
Fate Of The Gods
The Battleroar
...To Hangatyr
Towards The Sinister Realms
Awaiting Your Valkyries Arrival
Swedish Steel (The Metalist)

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